Sheaffer Agio Fountain Pen Review

Sheaffer Agio Ah Sweet memories of the one that got away. Although it’s discontinued, you can still find new old-stock. Imagine a Prelude and a VFM getting together and spawning a love child. Agio ended up with the nicer nib and smaller size; the secret only Sheaffer knows is hidden in the section.

  • Smooth, Wet Writer
  • Small, Compact Size
  • 22K Brushed Finish Feels Great

  • Ribbed Grip Section Isn’t Comfortable for Long Writing Sessions and holds ink when you dip fill it

Sheaffer Agio Fountain Pen Posted

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Sheaffer Agio Fountain Pen Design

This fountain pen is small and compact. It’s one of the thinnest fountain pens I’ve used. I loved the size of it. It is a good looking pen too, class, understated style.

It has the classic Sheaffer White Dot on the top of the pen clip. The pen clip has a cut out that makes it a little lighter, at .8 ounces, it’s about the weight of a resin fountain pen but it’s made of metal. The pen graduates from a thinner bottom up to a slightly thicker cap end. The finish of this pen is 22K plate, including a 22K plated, stainless steel nib.

The nib has two side swirls engraved on either side of the size stamp, underlined by SHEAFFER along the bottom of the nib. The ridges you can see in the photo of the nib below, extend all of the way around the underside of the plastic grip section.

Sheaffer Agio Performance

Sheaffer Agio Fountain Pen in box

The Sheaffer Agio performs. Oh does it perform. This is why I was so disappointed it’s been discontinued. It’s a lower-cost fountain pen and writes extremely well. The medium nib writes at a true medium line width and with black ink cartridges, it’s a wet, inky line that takes a second to dry… luscious.

This pen never hard started. I mean never. Even after sitting on it’s side for a couple of days, (I know, I know, don’t write me to tell me I should’ve stored it nib up… it just sort of happened!) it started right up. I love when I find pens like this. It keeps ink in the nib and doesn’t take scribbling to get it started.

The medium nib may be a little wet for finer papers. I used it on a knock-off Moleskine journal I’ve had for a while with somewhat thinner pages than my normal journal and it bled-through the paper to the next page at the end of words and start of new words. On the more average weight paper in my normal journal it didn’t bleed-through.

There wasn’t any feathering on the pages when I wrote and it was a consistent, wet line. Love it.

The cap posts extremely well, stays put and doesn’t wriggle off. So important! I also love the audible click when you close the cap on it.

Hand Fatigue

What is the best feature of the Sheaffer Agio? Definitely it’s size and weight. Because it’s small and underweight, there is NO hand fatigue. It feels similar to a ballpoint in size, but so much prettier and heavier obviously.

I wrote for two hours straight with this pen in my journal and it was a fabulous experience. Sheaffer Agio Fountain Pen Nib

Like I said earlier in this review… the only issue I have with this model are the rings you see in the section in the photo to the right.

Those ribs dig into your finger as you write… I guess that would depend on how you hold your pen.I tend to use a tri-pod hold. I use my thumb, index finger and middle finger for this hold, no other fingers.What a bummer. Other than the grip (which is an important part of the pen!) this was a fun fountain pen to use. If Sheaffer would’ve reintroduced the Agio, I think it would’ve done quite well if they’d just replaced the section with something other than plastic and got rid of the uncomfortable ridges.

Sheaffer should’ve consulted me on their decision to withdraw the model, I could’ve steered them in the right direction. :)

Sheaffer Agio Specs:

  • 122mm uncapped
  • 141mm posted
  • 128mm capped
  • 4mm wide nib
  • 15mm long nib
  • 6mm wide grip
Sheaffer Agio Fountain Pen weight

Sheaffer Agio Overall Value

The Sheaffer Agio is a good value for the money if you can find one. It’s slim, lightweight, easily portable in a pocket or purse and fun to use for shorter writing periods. If you regularly write for hours on end, you may want to find a pen with a different section without the ridges. I was fine for about twenty minutes of writing consecutively until it started to bother me.

Even with that deficiency, I still liked this pen. The size of it, the look, the way it flowed at all times without needing encouragement. It would be worth it for all of my writing except my deep journaling days.

Check the price of a Sheaffer Agio on Amazon.

Sheaffer Agio Fountain Pen Cartridge


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