Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Review

Does the Sheaffer Legacy Heritage fountain pen live up to its reputation as a men’s favorite? Is the Legacy the newest Pen For Men from Sheaffer? Continue reading to find out more about this striking, manly fountain pen…

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen

  • Wide Body
  • Inlaid 18K Gold Nib
  • Cap Posts Securely
  • Styling and Design

  • Blind Cap Inside Body Chattered as I wrote
  • No Narrowing At Grip Point

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Design – Sheaffer Legacy Fountain Pen

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen

The Sheaffer Legacy Heritage fountain pen pictured above that I’m reviewing is the Black “Laque” Barrel with a palladium plated cap and 22K Gold Plate Trim.

This is a classic, cigar-shaped fountain pen that is 11.5mm wide at its widest point, and 10mm wide at the grip point where you hold it to write. It’s unusual in that similarly wide pens (including Sheaffer’s Valor) usually taper at the grip point to a narrower 8-9mm for comfortable writing, but this one holds its ground at a fat 10mm at the grip point. It tapers off at each end for a little style and the 22K gold plate trim is a nice touch.

The Sheaffer Legacy Heritage comes in six finishes:

  1. Black Laque Barrel, Polished Palladium Cap, 22K Gold Trim
  2. Brushed 22K Gold, 22K Gold Trim
  3. Deep Cut Palladium, Palladium Trim
  4. Sterling Silver Interrupted Barleycorn Pattern with 22K Gold Trim
  5. Sterling Silver Interrupted Barleycorn Pattern with Palladium Trim
  6. Black Laque with Palladium Trim

When opening the gift box it’s hard not to think it’s reminiscent of Sheaffer’s Pen For Men, or PFM from 1959, or a 1930’s Dunhill-Namiki no. 20 in shape and stature.

With an 18K gold inlaid nib, this is one beautiful pen capped or posted. The 22K gold plate trim is striking against the Laque finish and Palladium cap. This pen reads masculine to me, all the way.

This is a man’s pen, and it also happens to write beautifully! Check out this sexy beast unposted…

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen

Performance – Sheaffer Legacy Fountain Pen

This is a wet writer. As you can see in the writing sample below, it lays down a lot of ink even with a fine nib. The kicker is it’s the smoothest Shaffer I’ve written with. It writes like a stick of butter on a hot skillet, you just can’t ask for a better feeling of ink delivery across paper.

The wet ink delivery gives character to your lettering, with the downstrokes showing more ink than the horizontal strokes. When used on thinner journal paper, it performed well again. I experienced no bleed-through or feathering on the paper, except for some paper warping from the wetness of the ink on thinner journal paper.

The one and only irritating part of writing with this particular fountain pen relates to the cap. There was a plastic cap inside the body of the pen shoved up into the end, like a plastic receiver that works as a sort of stop when posting the cap on the back.

That cap stop rattled as I wrote which cheapened my writing experience, listening to that plastic chatter against metal. I’m not sure if this model is prone to that or not, I can just tell you it was that way in the one I tested. Annoying. BUT, that would easily be remedied sending it back to the manufacturer. I digress…

It writes beautifully as long as you like a wet writer. You can see the sample below and this was a fine nib. It looks wetter than a fine, closer to a medium, but I triple checked, it’s fine.

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen

Hand Fatigue

This fountain pen is big and handsome. The heft of 1.35 ounces, is on the slightly heavier end of the spectrum of fountain pens. The metal cap weighs in at a heavier than normal .4 ounces too, which is great for those of us who like a heavier fountain pen.

I’ve used thicker fountain pens before without an issue, but those pens tapered at the grip section so the part you grip wasn’t quite as wide as the rest of the barrel.  Not so with the Legacy, it’s wide the whole way down. This is appealing to some people who prefer this look and feel. For a man, I can see this hitting the sweet spot, it may be a little wide for most women.

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen

Sheaffer Legacy Total Weight: 1.35 ounces

Sheaffer Legacy Cap Weighs in At: .4 ounces

Maintenance – Inked, Easy To Do?

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen

This fountain pen is incredibly easy to ink, like all Sheaffer models. You just remove the supplied converter if you’d  prefer a cartridge and insert. Standard Sheaffer ink cartridges work in this oversized fountain pen which was surprising, I was expecting a giant ink cartridge to fill this bad boy up.

It came with a converter, shown below, and if you prefer bottled ink, just dip the nib into your ink bottle submerging the vent hole and twist and the plunger inside which creates a vacuum that pulls ink up into the converter. That is half of the fun of fountain pens to me, using bottled ink!

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Fountain Pen

Overall Value – Who Is The Sheaffer Legacy Best For?

The Sheaffer Legacy Heritage fountain pen is a great pen for men or anyone who enjoys extremely wide pens. It’s 11.5mm wide at its widest and 10mm wide at the point you grip to write, so be ready to feel like you’re writing elegantly holding a full-sized, fat cigar!

This fountain pen is handsome and the inlaid 18K gold nib lays down an attractive, buttery and wet line of ink on your page. It would be an excellent gift for anyone that loves wide fountain pens.

I have a hard time seeing many men carrying this in a shirt pocket purely due to its size, but at 1.35 ounces it’s completely possible and is a handsome pen to keep in a leather folio. Sexy. Masculine. Large and in charge.

Price: Get a price on the Sheaffer Legacy at Amazon.


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