Sheaffer Sagaris Fountain Pen Review

The Sheaffer Sagaris is lightweight and a solid performer. You will not obsessively long to compose inanimate object poetry about it, but it will meet all of your needs and write on anything.

sheaffer sagaris fountain pen posted

  • Lightweight
  • Well-Balanced
  • Nib Engraving
  • Pull-off Cap

  • Black Resin Section Grip Dulls With Use

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Sheaffer Sagaris Fountain Pen Design

sheaffer sagaris fountain pen in box

The Sheaffer Sagaris is named after a bludgeoning weapon.  Sagaris is another word for battle-axe. So I was expecting a fat, metal, top-heavy pen to mimic a battle-axe.

What I got instead was a slim, well-balanced resin pen that is rather lightweight! The Sheaffer Sagaris is a fountain pen with a classic shape, thickest in the middle, narrowing down at each end, the body joined to the section with a gentle step that doesn’t intrude on your grip.

It has a steel nib engraved with what appear to be rays-of-sunshine. How happy for a battle-axe!

Knife geeks will tell you about fullered blades, or a beveled groove in the flat side of a blade used to lighten it . It’s hard not to run a mental parallel to the engraved pattern on the nib of the battle-axe, I mean Sagaris!

The pen clip is Sheaffer all the way, plain, long and with their trademark White Dot on the end of it. It’s a stiff pen clip, joined to the pen cap itself about a millimeter from the top of the clip, instead of descending from the metal derby cap like most.  The clip is not loose enough out of the box to slide easily over a shirt pocket, you’d need to work on it a bit.

I think Sheaffer misnamed this pen. It’s refined and lightweight.  Nothing about this fountain pen says bludgeoning or cutting weapon.  I guess the only way this pen honors its namesake is by cutting the crap and delivering performance.

Sheaffer Sagaris Fountain Pen Performance

sheaffer sagaris fountain pen nib

The Sheaffer Sagaris is middle-of-the-road in terms of ink delivery. It’s not a wet or a dry writer. What I loved about this fountain pen is that it performed well on all paper types, right out of the box. I didn’t have any skips, hard starts, or other ink starvation… this is a great find, especially in a fine point nib!

The steel nib is a stiff ride, as expected. But it is a smooth writer. Not buttery smooth, but glides well. The writing sample I’ve included is using a Sheaffer brand ink cartridge, included with the pen.

I wrote on notebook paper, legal pads, and my journals. None of these had any bleed-through or feathering with the fine point Sheaffer Sagaris nib. It didn’t fatigue my hand either.


Sheaffer has nailed pens for posters like me. The Sagaris is no exception. The inner cap starts behind the cap band and seats well onto the back of the body of the pen so it never fell off the pen during long writing sessions.

The cap band is wide and engraved with Sheaffer  on opposing sides.  The cap closes with an audible click, reassuring that you’ve closed it. Both end caps on the ben are narrow and barely noticeable. The cap band is much wider.


SPECS:132mm capped147mm posted

111mm uncapped

8mm mid grip

9mm widest point (cap band)

4mm wide nib

12mm long nib

Sheaffer Sagaris Fountain Pen Maintenance

sheaffer sagaris weight sheaffer sagaris cap weight

The Sagaris has an average size (width and length) nib for its body size. This means it doesn’t take any longer to clean out the feed when changing inks than most other fountain pens. It uses either a converter or Sheaffer-brand ink cartridges.

If you don’t want to have to buy only Sheaffer ink cartridges, you can save the first one you empty and syringe-fill them with your own bottled ink. It’s easy and cheap to do, you just need a blunt-tip fill needle and a bottle of ink.

sheaffer sagaris fountain pen writing sample

Sheaffer Sagaris Fountain Pen Overall Value

The Sheaffer Sagaris is a good value for the price. It wrote on everything well, didn’t have any ink delivery issues and was lighter than expected. It performs dependably and although it’s a bit of stiff ride, you get what you pay for.

Again, you won’t obsessively long to compose inanimate object poetry about it… if you’re looking for that ethereal experience you’ll pay a lot more. Pens I’d love to write poetry about today (yes, there will be more): 1911L, Sonnet and the Legacy.

Get a price on the Sheaffer Sagaris at Amazon.


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