RNG Products SQ1 EDC PEN on Kickstarter


RNG Products SQ1 EDC PEN Blue

I’m kind of annoyed with myself that I completely forgot about these pens, but they are available on Kickstarter with only a few hours left to go, so apologies for the short notice.  For the most part I get kind of tired of Kickstarter pens, but these are so amazing looking, yet simple and elegant.  I’ve already backed them myself so I wanted to share for those of you that will get to read this before the project funding period ends in a few hours.  Here is the link to the RNG Products SQ1 EDC PEN (via Kickstarter).

RNG Products SQ1 EDC PEN Black Stylus

Personally I love the black, aluminum, and green versions of the SQ1 EDC PEN, but am torn between some of the options.  Not sure what combo of black, aluminum, or green with copper or brushed copper.  Above you can see there is a version that comes with a stylus, there is also a version without a stylus.  The version with the stylus comes with two caps.  Luckily you don’t need to pick the options until after the funding ends and they send out the survey, so I have some time here.

RNG Products SQ1 EDC PEN Green

Here is the green version, they definitely have a bit of a military look to them in my opinion.  As you can see these are the versions that do not have the stylus.  One thing I guess that isn’t ideal though in my opinion is the lack of any sort of clip to keep them from rolling.  I do love that they just rely on the Fisher Space Pen refills too though.

RNG Products SQ1 EDC PEN Pink

Although its not my thing, there is also this pink version, kind of more like hot pink I guess.  I don’t mind pink in general, however I’m not a fan of the contrast with the metal options that come with it, I think it would look good in a polished black or brushed black to go with it.

RNG Products SQ1 EDC PEN Red

Same goes for the red version, although I do like the color, I’m not a fan of the metal options that go along with it.  Definitely think black would be a great option here.  Since I am late on these though I thought I’d share some reviews from some of our favorite bloggers so you can get a sense of how these are from folks who had some hands on time with them:

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Again, the link to the RNG Products SQ1 EDC PEN (via Kickstarter) but act quickly because it ends very soon!