The Conway Stewart Wellington fountain pen

Among the best vintage pens…

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Considered one the best vintage pens but this particular Conway Stewart fountain pen is really a distinguished English pen and more a piece of art than a writing instrument. The crafting of this Conway Stewart fountain pen has the precision of a time piece.

Its style and form does not sacrifice functionality however.

The origins of the Conway Stewart Wellington fountain pen

The origin of these best vintage pens is rooted in the genius of its creator, Arthur Wesley, who was noted as being born in Dublin, Ireland in 1769. In the year 1798, Arthur Wesley’s family changed the family name to Wellesley.

It was to the honor of Sir Arthur Wellesley, that Conway Stewart commemorates the life of the Duke of Wellington with the Wellington pen model offering. The Wellington is as fine a quality writing instrument as the distinguished career of its noted name sake, the Duke of Wellington. The Duke of Wellington is noted in history as being one of this centuries major military and statesman during the Napoleonic Wars which ravaged Europe during the first part of the 19th century.

His accomplishments ranged the political, military as well as a distinguished statesman. In addition to being a General and Commander for England, Wellington was also the Chief Secretary for Ireland, The English Ambassador to France, The Crown appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Great Britain army, the noted victor over Napoleon at the historic Battle of Waterloo, a two time Great Britain Prime Minister and a major figure in the English House of Lords.

The Conway Stewart Wellington is as accomplished as its namesake. The Wellington features a elegant new design which was crafted with an ergonomic form in both the cap and barrel set. The shape of the Wellington is distinct from traditional commercial fountain pens: it blends a marbled rich resin with a polished styled gold trim that results in a pen that is distinct and compatible with any fashion, whether it be casual or refined.

Handcrafted in England

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Each Conway Stewart fountain pen is hand crafted in Devon, United Kingdom. The barrel of the Wellington is crafted with two, 18 carat hall marked, solid gold bands. Fine solid 18 carat gold is also used in the nibs which are featured in various grades. (“Extra Fine, Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad”). All of the pens in the Wellington are featured with a cartridge converter filling system.

The Wellington gives the owners a choice of eight colors: White Whirl, Azure, Classic Black, Black Whirl, Classic Green, Classic Brown, Shingle and Pistachio. The standout color for a Conway Stewart fountain pen is the Classic Green, which provides a combination of both dark and light green, when blended together produces an elegant rich look. Each of the colors produces a uniqueness in the Wellington pens that allow the pens to be used in both formal as well as social settings.

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The styled art of each pen allows for each color and style to create a pen that is distinct within the Wellington line. Additionally, the colors used to present each Wellington pen do not allow for “carbon copies.” No two Wellington pens look exactly alike. This added distinctiveness permits a customization which each Wellington owner will be pleased with. (The picture does not feature Wellington pens but shows different models of the Conway Stewart fountain pen)

With its hand crafted quality, the Wellington pen line would not be complete without a cap and barrel warranty which covers the life of the pen.

Each component of the Wellington is crafted with detail and precision with the workmanship of a time piece maker.

The owner has confidence in his writing instrument and he or she knows that a proud production line stands behind the Wellington name. The Conway Stewart fountain pen is distinctive and rich in tradition. Off course, you will to find one of the best vintage pens but once you do… The owners of the Wellington line will be pleased with their instruments and will have an addition to their estate which can be passed down generation to generation. ;-))

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