Parker 51,which was dubbed ‘the most wanted pen’ and is the best Parker pen all the time

Once dubbed  ‘the most wanted pen’…

best parker pen

The Parker 51 pen is probably the most historical pen that Parker has ever made. And therefor can be seen as the best Parker pen yet. It sets the standard of style, design, and functionality of fountain pens with its elegance and ease of use. It was the pen that was symbolically created to mark the 51st anniversary of the Parker Pen Company, hence, its name and its reputation as best Parker pen,the first made in 1939.

As an anniversary pen, this Parker fountain pen required more gold to develop its nib. As if this is not enough to make it really unique, Parker came out with its own fast-drying and vibrant inks dubbed with the colors: India Black, Tunis Blue, China Red, and American Green. Other ink colors were produced later on such as Yellowstone Yellow, Nassau Green, and Buckskin parker pen

Classified as best Parker pen it gained much popularity when it was launched in 1941 because it set the trend of modern pens.The appeal of its design is so timeless that it stayed in production until 1972. It is crafted with classic elegance with its Empire cap and the Blue Diamond jewel on its 14K gold nib.

This innovative Parker fountain pen does not produce any ink blots because it has this time proven vacumatic filling system. It really assures smoothness in writing. The innovation helped in giving it the reputation of best Parker pen.

Parker 51, born during the war

The Parker 51 was created during World War II image and almost did not make it on the market for parker pen

However, the demand for this pen pushed for more production after the war. With durability in mind, aside from style and design, Parker used Lucite for its body and inner cap. This thermoplastic is lightweight and shatter-resistant and is most often used as an alternative to glass.

The durability of the Parker Fountain Pen was the reason why it was used as the only pen (even among other Parker pens) for marking airplane canopies used during the war and is seen as the best Parker pen. The Parker Pen Company did not advertise Parker 51 as, The Most Wanted Pen, for parker pen

Parker 51 owned by Royalty

It is the pen that the Uk’s Queen Elizabeth has used for her own personal use since 1959.

best parker pen

In addition, Royal Warrants have been given to the Parker company by the Queen Elizabeth as well as The Prince of Wales. This pen was a symbol of luxury and prestige when it was released, and continues to make Parker the forerunner of pens in the industry.

Parker 51 Special edition – finally

Because of its extreme popularity, 61 years after it was first released, Parker came out with the Parker 51 Special Edition delighting many Parker fans.

The Parker 51 was so unique, it quickly became a collector’s item right after its production stopped.

best parker pen

This famous pen was sold off at auctions and because of its rarity, yet with the demand of buyers, a limited number of the Parker 51 Special Edition was released in 2002 with a retail price of $350.

The special edition pen was cased in a snakeskin box that was patterned after the 1950’s boxes made in the United Kingdom. The pen came in two colors: Vista Blue and Black. Although the original pen was introduced with a red body, Mrs. Parker thought it looked like blood and so no Parker 51 was produced in red. Just like the original Parker 51, it was donned with the Blue Diamond Clip. It takes on a vintage look that speaks much about its history and the historical events that came along with its use. However, this pen also beams with the modernity that Parker offers when it creates pens. The black version of this famous pen has two-tone 23K gold plated on white metal for its cap while the blue pen comes with all white parker pen

At first, some critics of the Parker 51 Pen were skeptical if it could give justice to the original pen since there were issues of defective barrels. However, this was later on fixed by Parker. Parker 51 is an iconic pen that it is indeed difficult to match when considering durability, style, and elegance. The Special Edition may not match the original pen, but it promises the same ease of use and smoothness in writing. It is a little lighter than the original pen and has a medium sized nib that proves to be just as functional as the true vintage 51. George S. Parker would be beaming with pride if he were to see the prestige that the Parker 51 has gained even until today. So head on to second hand sites or flea markets because that is the only way to get your hands one….