Photo Post: Nakaya Neo Standard + HobonichiTecho

Photo Post: Nakaya Neo Standard + Hobonichi Techo


There was a point in time where I had 10 or so pens inked up. That made more sense (okay, it didn’t make sense but it was definitely more justifiable) when I was in college. Recently, I’ve only had one or two inked up pens in an effort to appreciate the ones I have. I just finished up a fill of Kon-Peki in my Lamy 2000, and I thought that it was time to ink up another pen.

It’s been a while since I’ve used the Neo Standard, so I loaded it up with some Iroshizuku Syo-Ro – a nice shade of bluish green that definitely fits the early springtime mood. Most of my writing is in the Hobonichi Techo, which is comfortably covered by a One Star Leather Goods cover. The book and cover live on my kitchen table, and I journal the previous day over breakfast and coffee. It’s a nice way to keep track of what I’ve been doing and it’s fun to look back on what I’ve done too. In the past, I’ve tried similar journaling with a Field Notes, but the permanence and size of the Hobo + cover make it feel more important. 

The best part about the urushi lacquer is how the light bounces off of it. It’s just so shiny and smooth. It feels equally great in hand. If you don’t have a urushi lacquered pen, it’s definitely something to aspire to. After four months of use, the One Star Leather cover is holding up great. It hasn’t seen a ton of travel, but it’s constantly getting moved from one spot to another in my house. I’m excited to see how it will age more with time. Keegan made a collar for my dog almost four years ago and it’s still going strong (albeit a little gross) – I’m not worried about the durability of his gear.

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