The 5 Best Pocket Fountain Pens To Carry EveryDay

The 5 Best Pocket Fountain Pens
To Carry Every Day

Speedy Kaweco Leuchtturm-4

We love our fountain pens – they get their own soft cases, spend much of their lives carefully stored on a desk, and some get their own dedicated boxes. Fountain pens are also typically more expensive than a “regular” pen, so we’re less likely to just throw them in our pockets and go. That’s not the case for all fountain pens though. There are plenty of pocket-worthy options out there. These choices represent some of the best portable fountain pens for writing on-the-go. This guide outlines my favorite pocket fountain pens that are great everyday writers. Read on to see what made the cut!

Kaweco AL-Sport Graphite Fountain Pen ReviewKaweco Sport Fountain Pen – 4.13″ capped

The Kaweco Sport line is one of the most well-known pocket-friendly fountain pens. These compact pens are available in several different series, like the aluminum Al-Sport, the Brass series, the ART Series (made from acrylic) and the classic plastic Sport series. The secret behind Kaweco’s pen is the elongated cap that posts on the back of the pen. Since it overlaps so much over the body when closed, it makes a “just right” length when posted. These are some of my favorite pens around, pocket sized or not.

Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen ReviewKaweco Liliput Fountain Pen – 3.8″ capped

If you thought the Sport fountain pen was as small as it could get, you are mistaken. Kaweco’s Liliput is even smaller. This minuscule pocket pen is thin and lightweight, yet still has a decent sized nib to write with. Personally, the pen is a bit to thin for me, but if you absolutely must have a fountain pen on your person at all times, consider the Liliput.

TWSBI Mini Classic Fountain Pen ReviewTWSBI Diamond Mini – 4.64″ capped

It’s hard to leave TWSBI off of a list of the best pocket-friendly fountain pens. They have two “mini” versions of their larger pens in their lineup. The Diamond Mini and the Vac Mini. The Diamond mini is the smaller of the two, and features their popular piston fill mechanism. The pen measure in at just over 4.5″ when closed, and around 5.5″ when posted. Unlike the other pocket pens here, you get a large ink capacity with an integrated filling system for a reasonable fifty five bucks.

Pilot Petit1 Fountain Pen Review 8Pilot Petit Fountain Pen – 4.3″ capped

The Petit is Pilot’s small, disposable fountain pen. It really is a shame that it’s considered to be disposable, because it really is a great little pen. Measuring in at 4.3″ when capped, this tiny pen is easy to throw in a pocket or bag and forget about. The nib is the same smooth writing steel one featured on the Varsity series. I was surprised at how well these wrote upon first use. They’re a heck of a bargain at under $4 each too!

Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen Review-11Kaweco Supra – 3.9″ capped

The Supra is what I consider the biggest little pen out there. It’s like a beefed up version of the Liliput. It’s much more comfortable to write with thanks to the wider grip, heftier body, and full sized #6 nib. Since the cap screws onto the very back of the pen, it makes for a pen long enough to comfortably write with. What makes it unique is the removable section above the grip. This brass collar makes the pen’s body a bit longer to accept an international converter. If you choose to use a short international cartridge, the pen can be even smaller. Make sure to check out my full review here.

Tactile Turn Gist Fountain Pen-4Runners up:

Sailor Sapporo Mini – This pen is small and pocketable with a great Sailor nib, but it has been discontinued. Bummer. Read my review here.

Tactile Turn Gist – It’s not a true pocket pen, but it’s still pretty compact. The Gist scores extra points for durability as well. It measures in at 5.15″ inches when capped, putting it just out of range. Check out my review. 

Pilot Prera – At 4.7 inches, this is also a pretty compact pen. I didn’t include it in the list because I think the Petit is a better value than the $38 Prera. The Metropolitan is also a much better value for similar nib and internals. Snag one at Jetpens.

Speedy Kaweco Leuchtturm-2Conclusion:

Kaweco is mentioned a lot in here, because they really do make some of the best pocket fountain pens out there. Their focus is on portable pens that still feel good in the hand, so it makes sense that they dominate the list. I have several of their pens, and I continue to enjoy them years later.

Do you carry a pocket-sized fountain pen? Let me know in the comments below what your favorite pick is and why!

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