Doane Paper Large Idea JournalReview

Doane Paper
Large Idea Journal


  • Journal Size – 10.8” x 8.4”
  • Grid Size – .125” (.3175 cm) x .125” (.3175 cm)
  • Bold line every three grid boxes
  • 100 Sheets / 200 Pages per notebook w/ full bleed DP sheets
  • Rugged Wire-O-Binding
  • 80 Point Chipboard Stock w/ Black Ink Embossed covers (100% recycled)
  • 60 LB Brite White Offset Stock content pages
  • Made in the U.S.A.


doane-large-idea-journal-review-7You ever see a man say “I love you” to a notebook before? Your answer after reading this might be “heh yeah, once.”

I just looked it up. I’ve been using the Doane Large Idea Journal since May of 2014. I’m on my second one, and I’m almost done with it. I’ve written and doodled everything you can imagine in these books. Whether it’s new ideas for logos, website ideas, meeting notes from work, early morning doodle sessions, handwriting practice – you name it. I planned my wedding in this notebook. I planned my bathroom remodel in this notebook. I’ve outlined business ideas in this notebook. Crunched numbers, worked out ideas, and there’s plenty that never left the book. It may sound like I’m being sappy here, but I really love the Doane Large Idea journal. It’s probably my favorite notebook, and here’s why:

  1. It looks really cool.
  2. grid+lines ruling is awesome.
  3. It’s the perfect size.

doane-large-idea-journal-review-1-2My old idea journal had different paper, it was a little rough and the ruling was much darker. I’m happy to report that the newer version is much better. It’s not the absolute best with fountain pens, but it’s definitely passable. The size, number of pages, ruling, bomb-proof construction and aesthetic make this notebook a winner from me. It’s not often that I get all the way though a notebook, and I’ll be done with my second one really soon. The heavy chipboard covers are great for doodling on any surface, when you fold the notebook back they’re nearly as sturdy as writing on a table.

Usually, I don’t put too much stuff up here from my personal notebooks, but I think it’s cool to show off how many ways this book has been used. Check out this gallery of doodles, and excuse any foul language that may be in there.

Testing out some new pens. Testing out some new pens. I think this was the test of the Tactile Turn Gist prototype? I think this was the test of the Tactile Turn Gist prototype? Inky spots. Inky spots. Name / logo for coffee company? Name / logo for coffee company? I have no clue why I wrote out “horrific violence” – probably watching the news. I got a Chemex and it was great until I shattered it. I got a Chemex and it was great until I shattered it. Coffee roasting notes. Coffee roasting notes. Pre-launch for Coffee at Home Pre-launch for Coffee at Home I like this doodle. I like this doodle. New brush pens came, obviously. New brush pens came, obviously.

At $18.50, the Large Idea Journal isn’t super cheap, but I really REALLY like it. I think a durable notebook of this size is worth its asking price. You can if you want one for your own. Thanks for reading!


Disclaimer: This book was received as a review unit, free of charge. All opinions are my own.