REVIEW: LAMY Safari Petrol ink – 2017 Special Edition

Each year LAMY introduces a limited edition pen and matching ink colour for its popular LAMY Safari collection. This year it’s the LAMY Safari Petrol.

There has been quite a bit of hype and uncertainty about what this colour will look like — will it be green? Grey? Blue? LAMY have labelled it as Dark Teal. It’s an intriguing colour so we wanted to see for ourselves and put this ink to the test, comparing it amongst other LAMY ink swatches as well as J. Herbin and Robert Oster Signature Inks.

LAMY Safari Petrol Ink

The LAMY Safari Petrol ink is a new edition colour for LAMY — and the colour is a perfect match to the pen. It has a dark tone, which we think makes it feel quite professional — and so perfect for work. Yet the hint of red sheen gives it an edge of fun too!

Below we’ve tried the ink on three papers: Life Stationery, Tomoe River and Rhodia.

LAMY Safari Petrol

Left to write: Life Stationery Equal Memo Block plain notepad, Tomoe River in cream and Rhodia No. 18 Pad.

You’ll notice the red sheen of the ink is most apparent on the Tomoe River paper (middle). We have found that the Tomoe River paper is one of the best quality papers to showcase inks due to the exceptional fountain pen friendly finish and light weight of the paper (52gsm). You might want to see this paper in action with the Robert Oster Signature Inks Fire & Ice!

LAMY Safari Petrol ink comparisons

This colour is so different to anything we’ve seen before and, with the name alluding to so much intrigue, we had to compare it to some of the other incredible inks we have on offer.

LAMY ink colours — let’s write!

So, how does the new LAMY Safari Petrol compare when writing? To get a closer look we compare it to various LAMY inks within the blue range: turquoise, blue, blue black and black.

You’ll see that within the LAMY range it sits in darkness between blue-black and black inks. It’s a bit of a chameleon — sometimes you see the green tone, sometimes it seems grey. We think this makes it a really appealing colour to write with!

LAMY Petrol ink comparison

The LAMY Safari Petrol with its dark teal colouring is a sure stand-out — it sits between the LAMY Blue Black and Black, making it a unique choice while adding a bit of fun to your page.

Ink swatches

The colour teal is in the green family, but the ink is so dark it’s also a potential alternative to black or blue-black.

We’ve compared the Petrol to the LAMY Blue Black, Robert Oster Signature Inks Blue Night and Deep Sea, J. Herbin 1670 Edition Anniversaire Chivor Emerald and J. Herbin Napolean Green Empire (Vert Empire) on the Life Stationery Equal Memo Block plain notepad (top) and Tomoe River (bottom).

LAMY Petrol Ink Comparions

1. J. Herbin Vert Empire

2. Robert Oster Signature Inks Deep Sea

3. J. Herbin Chivor Emerald

4. LAMY Petrol

5. LAMY Blue Black

6. Robert Oster Signature Inks Blue Night

We can see why there has been so much speculation about this colour! There’s no denying Petrol fits in perfectly amongst the green and blue spectrum of inks whilst being unique in its own right.

Let’s look at the LAMY Safari Petrol Pen

The LAMY Safari Petrol comes in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen, which are available in three nib sizes: extra fine, fine and medium.

LAMY Safari Petrol

Similar to last year’s LAMY Safari Dark Lilac (still swooning!) it is made of ABS plastic for its barrel and cap section, and has a matte texture and black trim. The LAMY Safari is instantly recognisable with its unique shape, distinctive clip and ergonomic grip section.

LAMY Safari Matte

Other matte finishes within the LAMY Safari range.

Originally created for young writers due to its writing dependability and comfort for lengthy writing, this pen has become a great choice for students and experienced users alike.

It also comes at an attractive price point, making it great value for money:

  • Ballpoint: $29.95
  • Rollerball: $39.95
  • Fountain pen: $49.95
  • 50ml fountain pen ink: $19.95
  • Pack of 5 cartridges: $6.95

We also have them available in a gift box set, which makes it a perfect surprise for lovers of high quality writing instruments, or a special treat for yourself. Will you be adding this limited edition to your collection?

LAMY Safari Petrol gift pack

Swapping nibs

Did you know you can swap your fountain pen nib for another with ease? Choose the perfect nib size for your ink, paper and writing style.

The Safari fountain pens all come with a standard blue cartridge (not the special edition ink), so do note you will need to purchase the Petrol cartridges or a Z28 converter separately.

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