Lamy Safari Petrol Special Edition Fountain Pen and Ink

Lamy Safari Petrol Capped

The Lamy Safari Petrol is the newest special edition of the classic Lamy Safari pen.  Its a really great looking color that is kind a dark turquoise.  As with the standard Lamy Safari, the Petrol is a plastic body and has a flat finish with a glossy metal clip that looks like a twisted up portion of a large paper clip.  I picked up this pen at Hinkson’s Office Store in Princeton, NJ which I stumbled across by accident while strolling through the streets of Princeton.

Hinkson's The Office Store

When I say I stumbled across Hinkson’s by accident, I truly mean that.  But I’ll also clarify that by saying that if you have a 5 foot tall Lamy XL fountain pen sitting outside of your place of business, its definitely going to catch my attention and cause me to drop in to see what you are all about.  I shared this picture on Instagram and didn’t share the Hinkson’s Instagram account in the initial post, so if you want to follow them (and you should) they can be found right here @hinksons_store.

Lamy Safari Petrol Cap Posted

So back to looking at the awesome Lamy Safari Petrol special edition.  Here is what the pen looks like with the cap posted.  Its all well and good that the dark turquoise version of the pen looks great, but throw in the all black nib and clip and it just tops it all off for me.  Its such a great contrast while also keeping the “dark” look and feel of the pen.

Lamy Safari Petrol Cap and Grip Section

Here is an additional look at the top view of the Lamy Safari Petrol.  It shows the black cap insert or topper that also sets the standard on the pen for some nicely placed black accents.

Lamy Safari Petrol with Black Nib

In the past I’ve pretty much stuck to EF Nibs on my Lamy pens, excluding one Lamy Studio that I had ground down to an EEF by Richard Binder at the Philly Pen show a few years ago. My purchase of this Lamy Studio Petrol was totally on impulse so I decided to go with something I haven’t tried before and grabbed it in the Medium nib.  I already enjoy having the flexibility of having a Lamy nib in an EEF, EF, and now a M for some variety.

Lamy Safari Petrol Writing Sample

Lamy Safari Petrol Writing Sample

Writing with the Lamy Safari Petrol was just as fantastic as I would have thought.  The medium nib is super smooth, especially when you consider that its a simple steel nib on an fairly inexpensive pen.  I always felt the fine version of the Lamy nibs were smooth, but this Medium nib takes it up a notch.  I won’t post it here because its somewhat embarrassing, but when I test new pens for some reason, I obsessively sign and then print my name.  I guess because its my most comfortable thing to write and I find it to be a good baseline, but with this pen I just keep signing my name over and over on a scarp sheet of paper more than usual because it was just such a comfortable and nice experience.

Lamy Safari Petrol Cap Insert

I thin my only nitpick about the Lamy Safari is the relatively huge “Lamy” branding on the body of the pen.  I realized while typing this that if this was a high end Pelikan I’d never stand for this, but on a less expensive pen like this I let it slide.  Anyway, the real draw for the Lamy Safari Petrol is the limited edition color that it comes in, and its really a great looking color so I’d highly recommend it if you are looking for something that is unique, but not overly flashy.  And for those of you in NJ or the general area, don’t forget to check out  Hinkson’s Office Store in Princeton!