Five essential organisational tools for a great 2016

Every year we have things we want to achieve, places we want to go, personal goals we want to meet. As each year seems to go by faster than the one before, it’s important to take the time at the beginning of the year, when you’re hopefully fresh from a break, and plan ahead. To help with this, we’ve put together five essential organisational tools for a great 2016. Plus we’ve created a free download that you can print and insert in your diary or notebook (will suit most sizes other than pocket).

1. The right diary

Your smart phone is great for little reminders, but a paper-based diary really is a must for short and longer term planning. So what’s the RIGHT diary for you? What will be the best organisational tool for a great 2016? You need to think about how you’d like to use it. Will it be something you carry with you? If so, you may like to stick to a smaller size or thinner profile.
If you make a lot of appointments, then you may find a daily diary is best. Do you only write with a fountain pen? You’ll need to ensure your selection comes from brands with fountain pen friendly paper, like Delfonics or Mark’s Inc.

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2. A notebook to always carry with you
Ideas, inspiration and even goal tracking can happen anywhere and everywhere. So even if you don’t want to carry a diary, you should always have a notebook handy. It’s a place to record anything and everything—helping you remember things, catch fleeting thoughts, ensuring you’re always ready in a meeting.

In selecting your notebook, the first consideration should be size. If you don’t carry a bag, you’ll want a small or pocket notebook like Field Notes. If you take lots of notes, you’ll prefer something with lots of pages, like Delfonics Rollbahn. You can then consider other elements like cover (hard for lot’s of knocks or card for low weight), binding (spiral, stitched or glued), page layout (plain, ruled, grid), style, fashion and even price.

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3. A writing tool at the ready
How many times have you wanted to write something down and been foiled by not having a (working) pen?! In 2016, you should always have a pen at the ready—keep one in your work bag, one in your leisure bag and one in your car console.

If you’re already the organised type, you can keep your best pen with you always. But even if you’re prone to lose pens, or find that they ‘wander’, there are some great inexpensive pens that wont break the bank (or your heart) if they go missing. In choosing the right pen, you should also ponder your preferred style (fountain, ballpoint, rollerball or pencil), the type of paper you’re likely to be writing on and, of course, whether you like how the pen looks!

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4. A bag or case for on the go
A regular, take everywhere bag—stocked with your essentials—is one of your best defences against disorganisation. You can ensure you have your diary, notebook, pen and any essential tech. Oh, and chocolate! That’s a daily essential, isn’t it? Bags and sleeves today come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to ponder—how much do I really need?

If you must carry more than the basics, you’ll want to consider size, durability and fashion. If you like to keep it lean, a stylish and sturdy sleeve might do the trick. Or perhaps you like to change your bag with your outfit, so an ‘inner bag’ that you can transfer between a larger bag is the trick. The key is to really think it through and consider what has—and hasn’t—been working for you with your current bag or case.

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5. Digital tools & customisations
We’re obviously firmly committed to pen and paper here. But we also can’t live without the right tech integrations and other little additions. Evernote is one of our favourite tools, keeping your key info handy across any and all devices, even integrating with Moleskine notebooks.

Moleskine also has a range of templates you can download from their site, with things like holiday calendars specific to your country. If you’re a writer you might try a tool like Scrivener, or if you’re a visual creator, perhaps it’s time to consider a Creative Cloud membership. To help you have an awesome year, we’ve also put together this page that you can add to the front of your notebook and diary to help you keep your goals in mind all year.

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Organisational tools for a great 2016 – Free download for an awesome year