Baron Fig Alphabet Limited Edition Squire Review and Giveaway

Baron Fig Squire Alphabet in Package

Our friends over at Baron Fig always take care of us here when it comes to getting their new products in our hands just as they become available, so I want to take the opportunity today to provide a quick review and then give this shiny new pen away to one of our fantastic readers.  The pen you are looking at here today is the Baron Fig Alphabet Limited Edition Squire (buy via Baron Fig), which is also part of their subscription series which you can subscribe to here.

Baron Fig Alphabet, Limited Edition Squire Branding

The first thing I noticed about the Baron Fig Alphabet Limited Edition Squire was that unlike the original squire (see our Squire review here), it comes in a cardboard tube instead of rectangular box.  Personally I like the tube better.  One thing that is just the same as the first Baron Fig Squire, is that the new limited edition Alphabet version also has the nice, clean, and neat Baron Fig name etched into it at the top.  The pen body itself is a nice and somewhat stealthy-like black finish that matches well with the deep dark black ink that comes loaded in the pen.

Baron Fig Alphabet Limited Edition Squire 26 Letters

You have probably already figured out that something about this Baron Fig Alphabet Limited Edition Squire was going to have something to do with the 26 letters of our great language, so here it is on the flip side of the body of the pen.  Straight down the barrel of the pen you have some super neat and clean lettering from A-Z that pop really nicely against the black body.  If you run your fingers across the letters, you can definitely feel that there is some texture to them, however they end high up enough that they don’t interfere with your grip when writing.

Baron Fig Squire Components

Inside of the Baron Fig Squire Alphabet Limited Edition Squire you will find a Baron Fig branded P8126 refill which is the same smooth writing refill you will find in pens like the popular Retro 51 Tornado.  If you like the Tornado writing experience, you will love the elegant and perfectly balanced Baron Fig Squire body wrapped around that same refill.  As much as I love this pen, I want to share the love and give this pen away to one of you reading this today, so check out the details for the giveaway below.

Baron Fig Alphabet Limited Edition Squire Giveaway:

The giveaway rules are pretty standard:

Key rules:

  1. US Residents only (sorry, too many laws and red tape to support anything outside of the US)
  2. All entries must be completed by 2/22/2017 at 11:59PM
  3. Please don’t enter unless you plan on claiming your prize, its not fair to those who enter and really want to win
  4. Winner will be announced on the blog and emailed or contacted via social media depending on the source of their winning entry (for blog comments and email subscription lists, make sure [email protected] is on your white list so it doesn’t go to your spam folder)
  5. Winner picked by the random Rafflecoptor selection is final

Entry Methods:

  1. Leave a comment below (required) = 1 entry
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