Traveler’s Notebook: A Comprehensive Guide

There’s no better place to keep your memories than the Traveler’s Company Traveler’s Notebook. This high-quality notebook features smooth, creamy paper and is encased in a luxurious leather cover that ages beautifully with use and time. With a variety of refill options and accessories, you can personalize and build your own custom notebook that fits your lifestyle. It’s a keepsake you’ll look back on for years to come.

Traveler’s Notebook Starter Set

Whether you’re using it to record memories, keep track of travel itineraries, or jot down random observations while on the road, the Traveler’s Notebook is an excellent companion to bring with you wherever you go. Its simple and elegant design needs no further embellishment; the beauty of the leather cover speaks for itself. Available in a larger Regular size and smaller Passport size, the Starter Set includes a blank notebook that features Midori Diary (MD) paper, made with care in Japan, where you can write or sketch to your heart’s content. An elastic band stretches along the spine of the cover, holding the notebook in place, while another band keeps the notebook shut.

This Starter Set is the perfect starting point for you to customize your notebook. Now you’re ready to add extra notebooks, attach a pen holder, insert zipper pouches, pockets, and the other accessories you see below!

Refills – Regular Size

Midori Diary Paper Notebooks

Midori put a lot of thought into their signature paper. After much testing and many iterations, the paper is bleed-resistant, feather-resistant, and fountain pen friendly, all contributing to a pleasant writing experience. Refills for the Traveler’s Notebook are available in these styles:


Traditional notebook users gravitate toward this classic style. With a 6.5 mm ruling, the lines are ideal for penning your thoughts, travel notes, and anything else you like to keep in your notebook.


Those who like a little more structure to their notebook will appreciate the 5 x 5 mm grid style of this refill. Use the grid to draw diagrams, charts, and more. The pale gray lines provide a nice guideline that is light enough to not be intrusive.


If your creativity can’t be contained by lines or grids, we recommend this blank refill. The sky’s the limit, whether it’s doodles or sketches, long meandering thoughts, or a combination of both!


The Traveler’s Notebook can be used as a planner, and Traveler’s Company offers a variety of styles for you to keep your schedule organized. All options are printed on smooth Midori Diary paper.

Monthly Planner

With 14 months’ worth of pages, the monthly planner gives you the freedom to fill in your desired dates. Monthly planners are suited for “big picture” people, who like seeing everything at a glance.

Weekly Planner

An excellent choice for people who need their schedules to be more detailed, these weekly planner pages contain six months’ worth of pages. With monthly columns near the beginning of the notebook, they also give you a brief summary of your year.

Weekly Planner with Memo

For those who like everything to be written down, the weekly planner with memo pages are the best solution. With six months’ worth of pages, this planner features days of the week on the left side and a grid on the right side where you can fit extra memos and notes.

Weekly Vertical Planner

This updated version of the original weekly planner gives equal scheduling space to all seven days of the week. Travelling isn’t something that only happens on weekdays after all!

Daily Planner

Busy bees will enjoy this style of planner! With plenty of space for each day and a 5 x 5 mm grid for you to record or organize your day however you want, even the most hectic of schedules will come together in harmony.

Specialty Paper

Different types of specialty paper are also available for you to include in your Traveler’s Notebook.


For those who enjoy sketching, drawing, or watercolors, the Sketch paper provides a smooth, heavyweight surface for your creativity to come to life. The paper is perforated, allowing you to remove any page and mail as a postcard or frame in your room.


This Lightweight notebook features white Tomoe River paper and is perfect for bringing with you on travels. It’s ultra thin, so it won’t weigh you down.


Those who love scrapbooking will enjoy the rustic feel of this kraft paper. You can paste maps, photos, tickets, and other items from your travels. You can enjoy this memento for years to come.

Refills – Passport Size

Midori Diary Paper Notebooks

The refills in the smaller, passport size feature the same fantastic Midori MD paper as in the regular size refills. Here are the MD refills that are available in Passport size:


This paper features a 6.5 ruling, great for archiving memories, travel notes, and more.


Perfect for charts and diagrams, the 5 x 5 mm grid layout is popular among engineers, architects, and designers.


Artists love to use blank sheets to let their imagination run wild with doodles or words, and this pocket size is great for on-the-go inspiration.


Like the regular size refills, Traveler’s Company offers planners in the passport size. Here are the planners:

Monthly Planner

You can see your whole schedule at a simple glance with this monthly planner.

Weekly Planner

The Weekly planner is great for those who need more space to detail their plans.


Traveler’s Company offers an assortment of accessories to pair with your Traveler’s Notebook. These accessories add convenience and utility to your notebook, and you can pick and choose which you need. This allows you to truly create a notebook that’s entirely your own.

Pocket Sticker

Are you always fumbling around for your ticket or membership card? The Pocket Sticker provides a place for you to put small miscellaneous items, such as tickets, cards, or memo notes. It adheres to the inside of the leather cover, so you can access it easily.

Film Pocket Sticker

Like the regular Pocket Stickers, Film Pocket Stickers create useful places for you to stow small memorabilia. However, the Film version is more versatile as you can stick the pockets right into your notebook and adjust the number of pockets you have on each page. You can even create a miniature photo album by having a spread with just Film Pocket Stickers.

Pen Holder

You can keep a pen handy with your notebook using this pen holder! The metal clip slides securely onto the leather cover, giving you a convenient way to store your pen. The medium size holds pens of up to 12 mm in diameter, while the small size is meant to hold just a pen clip (not the barrel) of approximately 5 mm wide and 1 mm thick.

Double-Sided Stickers

Create an album of memories using these double-sided stickers. You can paste photos, cards, tickets, maps, and other memorabilia in your Traveler’s notebook to look back at fondly. Sticky notes are also available.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are great for for jotting down notes, quick to-dos, or leaving reminders for family members and friends, and you can keep them on hand with this convenient Sticky Note Set. It comes with a variety of sizes and formats, so you can choose which to use based on your mood or need. Both Regular and Passport sizes are available.

Repair Kit

This repair kit is useful to have in case the elastic band on your notebook gets loose. The kit has extra bands and a metal clasp to repair the spine band that holds the inner notebook in place. You can try out the different colored bands included in the kit to see which suits your style. The elastic bands can also replace the center band that holds the notebook shut.

Zipper Case

Keep your essentials safe in this zipper case. You can store small flat items, such as tickets and cards securely in the zippered pouch. The other side features pockets for maps or other miscellaneous items. The passport size zipper case has one inner and two outer flap pockets while the regular size zipper case has two large flat pockets.

Kraft File Folder

With two pockets, the Kraft File Folder is a great place to store maps, itineraries, or other slim items. It comes in two sizes: Passport and Regular.

Connecting Bands

You can keep all of your essential notebooks in one place. These connecting bands let you hold two or even three notebooks in one Traveler’s Notebook cover. This is an ideal option for those who need more than one type of refill in their notebook.


After you finish with a notebook, don’t throw it away! This Regular Size binder stores all your finished notebooks in one place, making a wonderful archive that you can refer to again and again to remember past events.

Card File

If you use your traveler’s notebook on business trips, this card file is a handy place to keep all the business cards you acquire. There are 12 business card pockets that accommodate both standard U.S. and Japanese business cards. This is only available in the Regular size.

How to Install Multiple Notebooks

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one notebook style! There are multiple ways to include more notebook refills in your Traveler’s Notebook. While we’ve seen notebooks stuffed to the brim, we recommend filling up your notebook with no more than three or four refills depending on the thickness of each refill for ease of use.

Traveler’s Notebook Connecting Bands

Traveler’s Company offers these nifty elastic bands to help install multiple notebook refills in one cover. First, insert a refill between the existing rubber band and cover. Then, place the second notebook next to the first. Open both notebooks in the middle and grip those middle pages together. Slide the connecting band through those pages. To install another refill, take the second and third refill and follow the same steps.

Alternately, you can use the connecting bands to attach the first and second refill outside of the notebook, then insert them into the notebook afterwards. The back cover of the first refill and the front cover of the second becomes the middle of the notebook with this arrangement. This provides a more balanced look to your notebook if you only have two refills, but you can continue adding notebooks to your notebook using the techniques above.

Using the Existing Elastic Binding

You can also use the existing binding on the notebook to add an extra refill. Insert the first notebook through the first elastic as usual. Then tug on the second elastic to give yourself more space, and slide the extra refill in.

Additionally, the elastic that comes with the box can be used to add an extra refill. Remove the elastic band from the box and slip it through the cover. Then, insert the refill through the band as you would normally. The downside to this method is that the elastic is visible from the outside, detracting from the clean look of the cover.

Special Editions

Traveler’s Notebook Olive Edition

Inspired by the rich hue of ancient forests, Traveler’s Olive is the latest limited edition cover color in the Traveler’s Notebook line. The collection pays homage to writers and artists who took refuge in old, dense forests, such as Henry David Thoreau (author of Walden). To complete the collection, Traveler’s Company also created a pen holder and brass ballpoint pen in the lush Olive color.

Traveler’s Notebook Mini 10th Anniversary Sets

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Traveler’s Company came out with these adorable mini Traveler’s Notebook sets! Housed in a spiffy tin box, the kits include a selection of loose leaf sheets for creating your own custom mini notebook refills.

Traveler’s Notebook Alternatives

If you’re looking for a refillable notebook that’s more affordable, not leather, or a different size, we have a few options that you can also consider.

Product Cover Material Size Refill Included Price
A.G. Spalding & Bros Paper Notebook Covers Cardstock 4.1″ x 5.3″ No $$
Kokuyo Systemic Special Cover Refillable Notebooks Polyester A6, A5, or Semi B5 Yes $$
Kokuyo Systemic Twin Ring Notebooks Canvas A5 or Semi B5 Yes $$
Lihit Lab Smart Fit Cover Notebooks Canvas A5 or B5 Yes $$
Midori MD Notebook Covers – Clear Vinyl A5 or 4″ x 6″ No $
Midori MD Notebook Covers – Leather Goat Leather A5 or 4″ x 6″ No $$$
Midori MD Notebook Covers – Paper Cardstock A5 or 4″ x 6″ No $
Raymay Double Zipper Multi-Use Covered Notebooks Nylon and polyester Slim A5 Yes $$
Raymay Nilon Multi-Use Covered Notebooks Nylon A6 Yes $$
Story Supply Co. Simple Plot Notebooks Leather 3.5″ x 5.5″ Yes $$
Word Notebooks Leather Notebook Jackets Leather 3.5″ x 5.5″ No $$
Word Notebooks Notebook Sleeves Leather 3.5″ x 5.5″ No $$$

Keep Calm and Travel On

The Traveler’s Notebook is more than just a place for memories—it’s an extension of you. Do you have a Traveler’s Notebook? We’d love to know how you use yours!

Product Size
2017 Traveler’s Notebook Planners and Accessories Regular, Passport
Traveler’s Notebook Mini 10th Anniversary Sets Mini Sets
Starter Kit – Black Leather Regular
Starter Kit – Brown Leather Regular
Starter Kit – Camel Leather Regular
Starter Kit – Black Leather Passport
Starter Kit – Brown Leather Passport
Starter Kit – Camel Leather Passport
Refill – Lined – 64 Pages Regular
Refill – Grid- 64 Pages Regular
Refill – Blank – 64 Pages Regular
Refill – Daily Planner Grid – 64 Pages Regular
Refill – Drawing Paper – 48 Pages Regular
Refill – Lightweight Paper – 128 Pages Regular
Refill – Kraft Paper – 64 Pages Regular
Refill – Monthly Planner – 48 Pages Regular
Refill – Weekly Planner – 64 Pages Regular
Refill – Weekly Planner with Memo – 64 Pages Regular
Refill – Weekly Vertical Planner – 32 Pages Regular
Refill – Monthly Planner – 48 Pages Passport
Refill – Weekly Planner – 64 Pages Passport
Refill – Lined – 64 Pages Passport
Refill – Grid – 64 Pages Passport
Refill – Blank – 64 Pages Passport
Pocket Sticker Set Regular
Pocket Sticker Large Regular
Film Pocket Sticker Regular
Pen Holder – Small – Black Regular, Passport
Pen Holder – Small – Brown Regular, Passport
Pen Holder – Medium – Black Regular, Passport
Pen Holder – Medium – Brown Regular, Passport
Double-Sided Stickers Regular, Passport
Sticky Notes Regular
Sticky Notes Passport
Repair Kit Regular, Passport
Zipper Case Regular
Zipper Case Passport
Kraft File Folder Regular
Kraft File Folder Passport
Connecting Bands Set of 4 Regular
Connecting Bands Set of 4 Passport
Binder Regular
Card File Regular

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