Wrapping gifts and designing Christmas cards

You’ve got the holidays under control, with the perfect gift for everyone on your list. But wait – don’t reach for the Santa wrapping paper yet.

Your gifts deserve a presentation that is equally as special as the thought and care that you put into choosing them. And your unique, personal touches will make your presents even more memorable for your friends and family. We’ve gathered our favorite ideas for wrapping gifts and designing Christmas cards to inspire you to make your own delightful decorations.

Artistic Wrapping Paper
Use your creative talents to make fancy wrapping paper that you can’t find in any store. Use your lettering skills to wrap gifts with an inspiring message or make artistic brush stroke patterns and paint splatters for a modern look.
Handmade Gift Box
For smaller items, make your own box from pretty paper or cardstock. Take advantage of quirky patterns or use a solid-color material and decorate it with lettering or other artwork for a box that’s truly original.
Paper Accents
There’s no need to limit yourself to the gift wrap itself! Make custom decorative overlays that coordinate with the season or hint at the gift inside with paper cutouts, detailed patterns, paintings, and even photographs.
Wax Seals & Decorations
Set off your package with sealing wax for a vintage look. Seal strings and ribbons in place with a well-placed dollop of wax and use the initial of the person the gift is for to make subtle gift tags. Choose traditional sealing wax for a satisfying “crack” when your recipient breaks the seal on Christmas morning.
Washi Tape Ribbons & Bunting
Washi tape is tremendously versatile for wrapping gifts. It comes in all kinds of colors and patterns, so there’s an option for every style and recipient. Use it to add a simple pop of color, stand in for ribbons, or form the basis of an elaborate design.
Coordinated Tags
Don’t forget to label your gifts! Wrap tags in the same washi tape as the present, stamp them with matching sealing wax, or use a contrasting paper color and decorate the tag with a complementary pattern to your paper.
Intricate Outlines
If your gift-giving repertoire consists of gift certificates and cash, you can still dazzle your dear ones with a fun presentation. Tuck your gift into a blank coloring-book style note card and tape a couple of well-chosen pens to the envelope for the recipient to color the card with.
Homemade Envelopes
Send holiday cards and thank-you notes with one-of-a-kind stationery that perfectly matches the occasion. Use envelope templates to make your own envelopes from special paper that looks exactly how you want it. You can also use smaller envelope templates to make sleeves for gift tags.
Handmade Cards
Use craft paper to make unique Christmas cards that suit your style. Decorate them with calligraphic holiday greetings, tasteful accents, drawings, pretty patterns and more – your imagination is the only limit!