A Pen Pics Favorite

Here are some of our favorite customer-submitted images from the month of November!

Pen Pic from Estivalia

Estivalia reviewed this ink on her personal blog, and decided to share it with us as well! We love the graceful flourishes on this piece.

Some of Estivalia’s favorite JetPens tools:

Rohrer and Klingner Bottled Inks Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen - 3.8 mm Nib Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib - G Model Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder - Model 40

Pen Pics from Charlotte

At a recent visit to the Columbus Zoo, Charlotte decided to spend some time with the friendly petting zoo goats! She shared this sketch with us on Facebook, and then emailed us a few more pieces as well.




Some of Charlotte’s favorite JetPens tools:

Kuretake Bimoji Felt Tip Brush Pen Sailor Double Sided Pocket Brush Pen Akashiya New Fude Disposable Brush Pen

Pen Pics from Cheri

Cheri made this adorable fan art for us and shared it on Instagram! We love it! She also shared a few more works, including a self-portrait of herself with the two things that make her happiest: drawing in her sketchbook and cuddling with her furry friend.

Some of Cheri’s favorite JetPens tools:

Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Mechanical Pencil Uni Kuru Toga Pencil Lead - 0.5 mm - HB Tombow Mono Zero Eraser - 2.3 mm - Circle Uni Boxy Eraser - Black

Pen Pics from Emma

Emma shared some really neat art with us on Facebook! Deep sea creatures are fascinating because they are both incredible and terrifying, and Emma certainly captured that in these illustrations.

Some of Emma’s favorite JetPens tools:

Kuretake Sumi Calligraphy & Comic Ink - Black Pentel Pocket Brush Pen for Calligraphy
Pen Pic from Bethany

Bethany contacted us on Twitter, where she tweeted the work-in-progress shot of her art. Check out the line detail in that background!

“Street Pose”

After we emailed Bethany, she sent us the finished, full-size version as well.

Some of Bethany’s favorite JetPens tools:

Pilot Futayaku Double-Sided Brush Pen - Fine/Medium - Black Pilot Futayaku Double-Sided Brush Pen - Black/Gray Ink Uni Pin Pen - 01 Pigment Ink - Black Uni Pin Pen - 02 Pigment Ink - Black Uni Pin Pen - 02 pigment Ink - Black

Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

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