The Review Of Wink Pen First Edition Fountain Pen 2017

WINKPENS brings glass nibs back, and with a creative flair.PenHero

Somewhere between a fountain pen and a traditional dip pen, there’s the Wink: a refillable pen that writes not only with ink, but also with alternative liquids like wine, juice, and tea. Drawing inspiration from the glass dip pens that gained popularity in the 1920s, it marks the first time a new glass pen has been introduced to the market since the metal scarcity of World War II. Each pen functions as a demonstrator, with a transparent body that gives users a peek into the inner workings. The piston filler uses a simple twist-to-refill and ink-release system, and the handmade glass nib—besides being lovely to look at—serves as a unique feeding mechanism. The result? A beautiful, sustainable take on the writing instruments we use every day. credit to


First Edition Wink Pen

The Wink Pen was born from the desire to create a sustainable alternative to the everyday writing utensil. While the basis for the branding, WINK, was originally derived from the concept of using “wine as ink,” the pen can actually be loaded with virtually any liquid that possesses a staining property.  The Wink Pen can very much be characterized as a hybrid between a dip pen and a fountain pen, in that it is both manually fed and also contains an ink reservoir.The pens have been engineered to adapt to very low viscosity fluids, which allow users to easily write with both traditional and non-traditional ‘inks.’ In addition, the current design makes each writing nibs truly unique and one of a kind, as they are individually crafted — locally here in the United States — by hand from borosilicate glass.PenHero

Traditional. Sustainable. Modern.

 The piston design allows for a simple twist-to-refill and ink release system, making it an easy process to controllably unload and load the pen with various liquids of your choosing.The Wink Pen is built to be as modular and user friendly as possible. All components fit snuggly together with the use of rubber o-rings, and can be easily pulled apart and pushed back together for ease of cleaning.

WINKPENS Glass Nib Making ProcessPenHero

Founder, and industrial designer, Jessica Chan’s goal with WINKPENS was to create an innovative and simple product people could use and re-use in their daily lives. In many ways, this pen can be a new addition to your creative arsenal, allowing individuals to experiment and express with untraditional mediums. It can be a unique purchase for the creative in your life or just as easily serve as an elegant and beautiful gift item. It is a “low-tech” product that marries history, modern aesthetics and environmental awareness with traditional function.