Reviewing Sharpie Clear View Stick Highlighter

Initially I had almost passed over these Sharpie Clear View Stick Highlighters because I already reviews the more stubby body version, but upon a closer look there is a little bit of a design change in this stick version that is worth pointing out.Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Writing

The above photo is the old version and stubby body design of the Sharpie Clear View Highlighters that we reviewed a few months ago.  Notice how the clear window has a thin line that acts as your guide to help keep your highlighting straight along your line of text.  Well in the newer version this design has changed a little bit as you can see below.

Sharpie Clear View Stick Tip Side View

The new version of the Sharpie Clear View Stick Highlighters instead outlines the window with the inked up tip of the pen.  In using this version I find that the new style is actually even more helpful in keeping your highlighting on a straight path.  I find it easier to center the text between two lines rather than to use one thin line to try and keep centered through a line of text.  You basically have two guides instead of one to help you keep things straight.

Here is a quick view of the Sharpie Clear View Stick Highlighter as it would look from the user perspective.  See how you can just center the text between the two orange edges of the tip?  So much easier to keep things steady this way.

Sharpie Clear View Stick Highlighter Cap and Body Misfit

Personally I usually like the stick version of highlighters rather than the more short squat versions, so that was my initial reason for picking these up.  They tend to fit better in my pen case so it makes storage a bit easier.  You will note from the picture above though, the caps are circular while the body tapers off to an oval-like shape.  Posting the cap on these Sharpie Clear View Stick Highlighters just don’t feel as clean as I would expect.  They don’t wobble and fall off or anything while using them, but when you do post the cap it just never feels sturdy, you can wiggle it all over with your hands.  Its just a little bit of an unsettling experience for me.

Sharpie Clear View Stick Highlighter Tips Lined UpOverall I do really like these minus the cap posting issue because I think the new tip design significantly improves on something that was already quite a nice innovation in terms of having a window on your highlighter tip.  I would highly recommend these Sharpie Clear View Highlighters (via Amazon) to anyone, and to be honest, if I could only have one highlighter in my bag, which is often the case, it would be one of these for sure.