Sneak peek of the new design : LAMY LX FOUNTAIN PEN

This year, LAMY is celebrating 50 years of Bauhaus-inspired design with the newest member of the family: the LAMY Lx Fountain Pen (pronounced Luxe). So we thought you might like a sneak peek of the new design in four distinct colours and we review the LAMY Lx fountain pen.

Review LAMY Lx

The Lx is a luxury version of the popular LAMY AL-Star fountain pen…with a few special differences.

The LAMY Lx collection is available in four subtle yet eye-catching colours: ruthenium, palladium, gold and rose-gold.


What’s similar?

This is a modern yet classic writing instrument that is special, made from light-weight aluminium with a refined anodised finish, which makes it both a stylish and functional writing companion.

The writing characteristics are also the same as the AL-Star, being lightweight with the flow of ink running smoothly across the page.The Lx has the same semi-transparent contoured grip section and ergonomic design with the polished stainless steel nib as the LAMY AL-Star.

What’s the difference?

The Lx has a special glossy black polished steel nib with some small design changes, including laser engraving and coated in PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition). There are details around the breather hole and the slit that you don’t see in the Al-Star.The main differences between the Lx and the AL-Star comes down to the impressive aesthetic details. 

These are all new colours for LAMY — and if you’re an iPhone user, we couldn’t help noticing that it would be possible to nab a pen to match your phone!

Unlike the AL-star, the iconic LAMY metal clip is plated with the same colour as the body of the pen, a gorgeous touch; and is spring-loaded, which allows you to pin your pen to a thick fabric without causing damage to the pen.


Lx Ruthenium


Lx Palladium


Lx Gold


Lx Rose Gold

The cap screw has also had an upgrade with the colour matching the pen in a new flashy finish.





Each LAMY Lx Fountain Pen is presented in a stylish anodised aluminium case in the same colour as the pen to match the impressive and luxurious look and feel of the pen.

HyperFocal: 0HyperFocal: 0HyperFocal: 0HyperFocal: 0The Lx includes a LAMY T10 blue ink cartridge, which is a washable ink from fabric — perfect for students! It also suits the LAMY Z28 ink converter.

We give writing with the Lx in Ruthenium a go…

It writes beautifully, with the same writing experience you’ve come to expect from the LAMY AL-Star. It’s a pen that you’ll writing with if you already love LAMY and it looks fantastic!





Drying time test


– Elegant styling and true attention to detail on all elements

– The same great writing experience you’d expect from LAMY and the AL-Star

– Matching case makes this an ideal gift (or would keep your pen in top form!)


– More expensive than the LAMY AL-Star range

The new Lx has the LAMY feel that you expect in a new deluxe version that will come in Extra Fine, Fine and Medium, with the Broad size available later on.

50th Anniversary Notebook & Pen Set…

LAMY’s 50 year anniversary celebration commenced with the LAMY Special Edition 50 Years Notebook Set.