Symbolism of Great Expensive pens and Yard-O-Led Viceroy

Symbolism of great expensive pens

Although many advocates of the digital age would like to convince us that handwriting is and should be a vanishing art, no digital document will ever have the power of a handwritten document such as the Declaration of Independence, penned in the very beautiful handwriting of Thomas Jefferson. Cheap, reliable pens were common by the mid 19th century and contributed to the growth of literacy.This document, as well as others from that time, were written using natural quills, but soon pens with metal nibs began to replace feather quill pens.

We then witnessed the evolution from a flat pencil with log-sized lead to writing with an ink pen, in particular a fountain pen. great expensive pensFor many generations the next significant stage for young people after puberty was graduating which often came with a fountain pen, the symbol and status of real adulthood in many circles.

Yard-O-Led represents such a symbol. One look and you know. Yard-O-Led is well known for fine Sterling Silver, hand engraved writing implements.

great expensive pens

The Viceroy pen, one of their finer models, is an elegant, highly functional writing tool which fits comfortably in most human hands, and writes -I believe – with more intention compared to the ‘lighter’ pens. Expensive pens should fulfill both practical and aesthetic functions, and the Viceroy does both quite well.

The elegance and style of these expensive pens start with the black wooden case that it comes in. When you open the metal clasp enclosure, you find an elegant Sterling Silver pen resting in black velvet. When lending or showing the pen the case helps emphasize the special nature of the pen. There is no plastic to this process.

great expensive pens

But Yard-O-Led, just like another pen company has its orIn 1822 Sampson Mordan, a British silversmith and during his youth, an apprentice of the inventor and locksmith Joseph Brama (who patented the first elastic ink reservoir for a fountain pen) developed the first mechanical pencil, also referred to as a self- propelling pencil. It was designed to hold up to 12 three inch pieces of pencil lead (one yard of pencil lead).

great expensive pens

In 1934 the Yard-O-Led Pencil Company was founded in London, England to produce a similar mechanical pencil under a different patent. Following the destruction of World War Two, Yard-O-Led was sold to a long-time employee of Mordan, Frank Tufnell, and they subsequently acquired the patents for the Sampson Mordan pens, which included some expensive pens.

Makers of luxury, hand engraved Sterling Silver great expensive pens

Today, Yard-O-Led makes a number of luxury, hand engraved Sterling Silver great expensive pens, including the stunning Viceroy pen, which also has matching mechanical pencils. Both ball point and fountain pens are available.

great expensive pens

One person who enjoys the status symbol of a Yard-O-Led fountain pen is British entrepreneur Peter Jones CBE. Peter is probably best known as a regular in the BBC series Dragons’ Den. He owns several classic and luxury sports cars. Part of his business life is centered around helping develop other entrepreneurs. A Yard-O-Led Viceroy pen is a natural for him.

The Viceroy detailed

The Viceroy comes in a choice of three finishes: plain, Barley, and a very elegant Victorian. The Barley and Victorian are hand engraved, and all pens are numbered and hallmarked. Each pen is unique, which is appropriate for great expensive pens.

The pen comes in three different sizes to allow you to choose one that fits your hand. Each has a small blank rectangle to allow for personalization (the hallmark and serial number are in the personalization plate area). Most reviews of Yard-O-Led pens also comment on the distinctive pocket clip. This stylish clip is attached with two screws. It is generally described as elegantly curved, ending in a curled fold.

great expensive pens

The Victorian finish, by far the most distinctive of the Viceroy styles, is a floral design of curling vines. The Yard-O-Led design is elegant and tasteful. Some people consider the Standard size to be a ladies’ pen (particularly the Victorian), while the Corinthian and the Grand sizes are more masculine.

Any fountain pen is only as good as its’ nib. Yard-O-Led nibs are constructed of 18 karat gold. They are not known to clog or leak. They tend to write wider than many other nibs, so be certain of the size you want, or choose a selection. Yard-O-Led fountain pens use an international Cartridge/Converter filling system.

When choosing a Yard-O-Led pen, you have the choice of three styles, three sizes, and three nib sizes. Choose one that suites you. This is after all an expression of elegance and style and pure writing heritage. Enjoy the flow of writing.

You can find more information, reviews and the price of this pen, here.

great expensive pens

great expensive pens