Crayola Watercolor Pencils

Crayola Watercolor Pencils Review

Another one of Crayola’s many budget offerings, their watercolor pencils are a low-end way to jump into the hobby without breaking the bank.  The color choices are a bit lacking and the color intensity isn’t quite there but for the price not much else compares.  They also have tendency to wear down relatively quickly. You can purchase them in a 12 pack or 24 pack.

Visual Appeal – 3/5

Visually the colors are great for the price point, but compared to higher end watercolor pencils the differences can be noticed.  The blending ability of these are lacking as well, so being able to explore the entire color wheel might be difficult, especially when you can only get up to 24 colors in them.  They are a relatively hard wax so getting to intricate details is possible and this can be expanded to wider ranges if water is applied (just remember you might lose quite a bit of color in the process).

Usability and Durability – 2/5

Being a rather hard wax core, strokes are pretty smooth but you might have to push down quite a bit to get the deep color you are looking for on the first pass.  Unfortunately, these pencils have been stated to wear down rather quickly, and that they require frequent sharpening, especially if you want to get into fine details.  This isn’t too abnormal for watercolor pencils, but it is especially noticeable with these.

Packaging and Presentation – 2/5

These come in a standard cardboard box, which is rather flimsy.  Extra care will be needed if transporting these as any pressure applied on the front or box of the box is going to go right through them to the pencils.  The pencils themselves are round with the outside color representing the true color.  There is also a stamp on them that identifies what they are.

Cost – 3/5

Although budget-priced, check the price often as they tend to fluctuate quite a bit.  There are oftentimes sales on these so keep a close eye out on prices can result in some pretty good deals to be had.  For the price (especially towards the cheaper end of the spectrum) these offer a fantastic value and just about anybody could jump into the watercolor pencil hobby without it being too burdensome on their wallet.  And, for the price, you could do much worse.

Overall Ranking – 2.5/5

An alright entry-level pencil that does all the necessities well.  Available colors, blending, and intensity are lacking somewhat but for the price they are things that may be overlooked.