Deciding Whether Office Ink Refill Kits Are Worth The Money

Ink refill kits are frequently the subject of debate among office personnel, with many wondering whether these kits are worth the money and risk involved. Going by the official reports from printer manufacturers, it would seem that these kits do a poor job in comparison to original cartridges and are not worth the risk. However, these reports are mostly the result of speculation and an attempt to jealously guard the large profits that are obtained from the pricing of these expensive original cartridges. The choice to use printer ink refills is up to the individual. The following are the advantages and disadvantages to such an option.

While it is worth acknowledging that corporate profits and a continual-sale based business model is the main reason for expensive original ink cartridge prices, the fact is that the cartridge ink is of better quality than in refill kits. This difference, though, is marginal at best (doctored images appearing on company websites are not substantial enough to go by) and there are few who can tell the difference. Another disadvantage is that the printer manufacturing company will not repair any damages caused by accidental misuse of ink refill kits. These kits can also be a little difficult to use for beginners and can make a mess if improperly used.

That being said, the advantages of using such kits are numerous. Original cartridges are more than three times as expensive as most refill kits. Large printer manufacturers have repeatedly refused to state exactly how much ink is in their very expensive cartridges. According to some estimates, the liquid ink inside these cartridges is worth more than imported caviar per fluid ounce. Even though the corporations maintain that their ink is the subject of much research and a very high quality product, the difference between corporate and refill ink can hardly be noticed. Although printer ink refills can be a little tricky to master at first, the process is actually very simple and can be learned very quickly.

The simple act of using third party ink refills in itself does not void a warranty on printers, contrary to what a salesman might say. It is advisable to read the warranty carefully before listening to such warnings. In most cases, damage caused to the printer by the kits may not be covered under the warranty, however.

Once again, using ink refill kits is an individual choice and depends upon how frequently a printer is used. However, due to the enormous savings that can be achieved through the use of ink refill kits, many offices and corporations are choosing to use these inexpensive kits in order to be able to save valuable money.