How Ink Refill Kits Can Be Used With Copiers And Fax Machines

Those who enjoy the many advantages of using ink refill kits with their printers may wonder if the same can be used with copiers and fax machines. The answer is that these refill kits can easily be used with both copiers and fax machines, provided they are installed properly. Using ink or toner refill kits can substantially lower toner and ink bills by around 40 percent, depending on how they are used. Here is a rough outline of how to use refill kits with copiers and fax machines.

The first thing to realize is that, because each manufacturer and model is different, kits will have to be bought that match the exact specifications of the fax or copier. Some stores sell what are called “Universal Kits”, which are designed to work with all printers, copiers and fax machines. Due to the varying nature of each of brand and models, these Universal kits rarely work and should be avoided, as they can potentially damage the machine they are used with. Most stores stock refill kits for almost every possible brand and model number which makes it easy to find the correct kit.

Care should be taken while using refill kits and the instructions should be followed exactly. Manufacturers of copiers and printers do not like their customers using refill kits and state that their ink is far superior than any refill kit. However, this is a dubious claim at best; while there is a quality difference, it is hardly noticeable in most cases. The reason for these claims is that printer and fax companies make over 50 percent of their income through their sale of overpriced toner and ink cartridges. As this operation has to be performed by the owner of the machine, he or she would be well advised to study all pertinent material before attempting to refill the copier or fax machine.

The task of refilling a kit depends entirely on the brand. Step by step instructions come with each refill kit, which makes the job a lot clearer, if not easier to perform. The basic procedure consists of injecting the cartridge with a syringe of ink or pouring toner refill into a specially drilled hole. This process can be very messy, ink and toner stains can be difficult to get rid of, which is why appropriate measures should be taken, such as laying down newspapers or cloth. Also keep in mind that the black toner dust can also be harmful if inhaled. Ink refill kits can save hundreds of dollars a year and if installed properly, will produce high quality printouts which are only slightly different than the ones from original cartridges.