Pen Projects: Send Holiday Cheer with Your Own Handmade Cards!

One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer to friends and loved ones is by sending them a card. They’re perfect for mailing long-distance, spicing up a present, or just because. Instead of buying cards this year, we’re making our own! It’s the perfect way to add a personal touch. We’re going to show you three easy and adorable ways to make your holiday cards.

Design your snowflake and draw in the points of the snowflake. Make holes through each point. Thread the yarn through the holes. Make sure your yarn is long enough to finish the snowflake. Too much is better than too little.

Cut off the excess yarn. Tie a small knot in the back of the last hole with the two end points of the yarn.

Paste the second piece of cardstock over the back to cover up the yarn. Decorate and write your message!

Cut off the bottom of the red card with patterned scissors or hole punch the edges with the desired design. Paste the red card on top of the white card.

Using the cotton rounds, cut a small circle for the head of the snowman. Make cuts bigger, as you can adjust the size if you are not happy with the ratio of the head to body of the snowman. Secure the rounds on top of the red card.

Decorate your card! You can make a cute hat or other accessories for your snowman.

Choose the size of your paper. Any size is okay! Fold your paper in half into a triangle. Fold it two more times into a small triangle. Make an indentation in the triangle. This will be the center of your leaf. Make sure it starts on the side of the last fold.

Draw a leaf around the indentation. Then, cut out the shape you drew.

Write your greeting on the topmost leaf. Undo the card, and write your message on the rest of the leaves. You can tie yarn through the card and it doubles as an ornament! How fun is that?

If you use origami paper to make the card, like we did, make a mini-envelope to match its cuteness!

We’re absolutely smitten with the charm and whimsy of these cards. Plus, making cards is a wonderful activity to do with your kids or your friends. If you try any of these ideas, please send us the pictures! We’d love to see your twist on these holiday cards.

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Inspiration from Go-Aisatsu Card no Te-tsukuri Recipe (ISBN 978-4-7661-2054-7).