Dr. Grip Mechanical Pencils: A Comprehensive Guide

Dr. Grip Guide

For those who suffer from tired, fatigued hands, the Dr. Grip is just what the doctor ordered. These high quality mechanical pencils have an innovative grip design that provides the ideal softness, and its weight balance is optimized for an ergonomic writing experience. To find out more about the different models of the award-winning Dr. Grip mechanical pencils, read on.



The Dr. Grip mechanical pencils are shaker pencils, meaning you shake them to advance the lead. There is an internal mechanism that knocks the lead forward using a metal weight as you shake. The advantage of the shaker mechanism is that you don’t need to adjust your grip to push the clicker to advance the lead. This allows you to keep your focus while you write as one or two gentle shakes is more than enough to advance the lead. The shaker gives off a rattling sound that doesn’t bother us, but if you’re sensitive to the sound, you can always use the traditional clicker at the top of the pencil to advance the lead.


Video demonstration of the grip.

Video demonstration of the optimal weight balance.

True to its name, the Dr. Grip is nothing short of a medical miracle for tired hands. What sets it apart is the double layer grip design. The outer layer is firm while the inner layer is soft, resulting in the perfect moderate softness–not too flimsy and not too hard. It’s a comfortable surface to hold and allows you to have a stable grasp on the pencil. This, combined with the pencil’s optimal weight balance, makes it an ergonomic pencil that reduces fatigue, earning it an “Ease-of-Use” Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

Product Lines

Pen Name Length Diameter Weight
Full Black 14.1 cm 13.6 mm 1.2 oz
Pure White 14.1 cm 13.6 mm 1.2 oz
G-Spec Flash 14.2 cm 13.7 mm 0.9 oz
G-Spec Frost 14.2 cm 14.1 mm 1.0 oz
G-Spec White Series 14.2 cm 14.2 mm 0.9 oz
G-Spec 0.3 mm 14.2 cm 14.2 mm 0.9 oz
G-Spec 0.9 mm 14.2 cm 14.2 mm 0.9 oz
CL Offroader 14.2 cm 13.6 mm 1.0 oz
Play Border 14.2 cm 13.6 mm 0.9 oz
Putimo 9.7 cm 11.2 mm 0.2 oz

Dual Layer

The Full Black (left) and Pure White (right).

4 colors of the Full Black (left) and 4 colors of the Pure White (righht).

The Full Black and Pure White models are essentially the same pencil, varying only cosmetically. Both models feature a solid body color with different accent colors that peek through under the grip and the clicker. The pencil grips are comfortable and easy to hold, and the shaker mechanism requires minimal effort to extend the lead.


From left to right: the Flash, Frost, and White Series.

The 0.3 mm (left) and 0.9 mm (right).

The G-Spec was the first Dr. Grip model to feature an optimal weight balance. Most of the weight is concentrated near the center of gravity on the pencil, allowing the rotary motion of the pen to flow naturally with your hand as you write. It comes in several color series:

  • the Flash, boasting bold body colors;
  • the Frost, highlighting a “frosted” finish on the body;
  • the White Series, sporting a white body with different colored grips and customizable top portion;
  • the 0.3 mm, featuring a small tip size and fun body colors;
  • the 0.9 mm with a broad tip and deep, rich body colors.

CL Offroader

The Dot Grip on the Cl Offroader is softer than the Dual Layer grip.

3 colors of the CL Offroader.

The grip on the CL Offroader model is different from the others in that the inside of the grip features a dot grid pattern that mimics the texture of car tires (hence the name “Offroader”). The dot grid pattern actually makes for a softer grip because the outer layer of the grip has more give due to the space between the dots. This model is perfect for those who prefer the softer grip. The Offroader also comes with a clear plastic insert that you can decorate to customize your pencil.

Play Border

The grip and top portion of the Play Border are both customizable.

13 colors of the Play Border.

Aptly named, the Play Border allows you to “play” with the “border” of the pencil–that is, the grip area as well as the top half of the pencil. The inside of the grip comes with three different colored pieces that you can arrange and rearrange to your heart’s content. Like some of the previous models, the top half of the pencil contains a clear plastic insert that you can spruce up and put your own personal touch on the pencil.


The Putimo.

3 colors of the Putmino.

This mini Dr. Grip model is ideal for sticking in your purse, briefcase, or pocket when you’re out and about. Unlike the other pencils, the Putimo is a traditional mechanical pencil and does not come with the shaker mechanism. In this case this is a plus, because the last thing you want is lead getting everywhere when you’re out! The grip is also considerably firmer than on the other models, so don’t expect the same cushy feeling as the other Dr. Grips.

Final Thoughts

The thought and care put into the design of the grip and other ergonomic features of the Dr. Grip set it apart from other pencils. No matter the model, the Dr. Grip shaker mechanical pencil is a wonderful, ergonomic choice for a writing instrument. To see other ergonomic picks, check out our Ergonomic Pens article!

Model Shaker Grip Type Special Feature Best For
Full Black Yes

Dual Layer Accent Colors General Use
Pure White Yes

Dual Layer Accent Colors General Use
G-Spec Flash Yes

Dual Layer Bold Colors General Use
G-Spec Frost Yes

Dual Layer Frosted Colors General Use
G-Spec White Yes

Dual Layer Customizable Top Favors, Gift
G-Spec 0.3 mm Yes

Dual Layer Small Tip Size Small Writing
G-Spec 0.9 mm Yes

Dual Layer Large Tip Size Large Writing
CL Offroader Yes

Dot Grid Softer Grip Students
Play Border Yes

Plastic Inserts Customizable Favors, Gifts
Putimo No

Extra Firm Mini Size On-the-Go