New Products: Fountain Pens, Watercolor Palettes, Gel Pens, Brush Pens, and More!

New products are in!

Infusing color into our stationery collection is what we do best. This week’s offerings include fountain pens, watercolor palettes, gel pens, brush pens, and more!

Jinhao 599 Metal Fountain Pens

This fountain pen features a distinctively sleek and modern design. Its contoured plastic grip section helps to provide a comfortable writing experience, and the brass cap and barrel give the pen a sturdy, dependable feel. The pen comes with a converter for using with bottled fountain pen ink and is compatible with a wide range of ink cartridges and converters, listed under Recommended Refills/Parts.

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Palettes

These traditional Japanese watercolors were designed for professional artists and crafters, but they can be enjoyed by novices and experts alike. The non-toxic, water-based paints are ideal for sketching, illustration, sumi-e, cards, and more! Each watercolor block comes in an individual tray that can be removed from the palette during use.

Pentel TRF94 Tradio Fountain Pen

This uniquely styled fountain pen features an iridium-tipped steel nib and a comfortably lightweight glossy black plastic body. Windows in the cap provide a view of the nib while the pen is closed, creating a unique visual touch. This pen accepts long and short international standard cartridges. One blue long international standard cartridge is included.

Sakura Ballsign Knock Gel Ink Pens

These gel pens feature a stylish, transparent body that is as smoothly flowing as its ink. With a wide range of wonderfully vibrant ink colors to choose from, they are great for color-coding notes, creating colorful drawings, or simply adding an extra touch of personality to a card or journal.

Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Brush Pen No. 22 – Black

This brush pen features a soft nylon brush tip that can produce a wide range of thick and thin lines, making it a great choice for manga, calligraphy, sumi-e drawings, and more. Its smooth-flowing, water-based pigment ink is water-resistant and lightfast, and the ink cartridge is easy to replace.

Kuretake Bimoji Brush Pen

“Bimoji” is the Japanese name for beautifully written Asian characters. This brush pen features a comfortable, easy-to-hold rubber grip to help you practice your “bimoji,” creating the delicate sweeps and tapers that characterize proper Asian writing. Its synthetic hair tip is durable and resilient, so your pen strokes will always come out exactly as intended.

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