New Products: Winsor Newton Watercolor Markers, DelGuard Mechanical Pencils, Kaimei Sumi Ink, Raymay Brush Pens, and More!

JetPens New Arrivals

New products are in!

Add some color to your life with this week’s new arrivals! From colorful watercolor markers to mechanical pencils in a variety of hues, your creative side can run wild. Read on to see what else is new!

Winsor & Newton Watercolor Markers

Winsor & Newton Watercolor Markers

Use these professional-grade markers to create beautiful watercolor art without the mess or inconvenience of conventional paints! Loaded with vibrant, highly pigmented watercolor ink, they can be used on their own, blended together, or mixed with any other water-soluble media to create soft and vibrant wash effects.

Zebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencils

Zebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencils - Standard

Never worry about lead breaking again! The DelGuard pencil uses an innovative mechanism developed by Zebra that prevents lead breakage. The secret is in the moving parts inside the pencil tip and grip area. If you apply vertical pressure to the lead as you write, a spring inside the pencil absorbs the pressure and allows the lead to retract a little so that it’s protected by the guide pipe.

Kaimei Bokuju Sumi Ink

Kaimei Bokuju Sumi Ink

This bottled India ink is formulated to be comparable to traditional Japanese ink made from ground sumi ink sticks. It is water resistant when dry and has a dark, glossy finish. It can be used with dip pens, brushes, and technical drawing pens for a variety of uses including manga art, illustration, and shodo (Japanese calligraphy).

Raymay Keicho Brush Pen – Double-Sided – Black/Gray

Raymay Keicho Brush Pen - Double-Sided - Black/Gray

Create beautiful calligraphy and art with this convenient double-sided brush pen! Featuring durable polyester tips that respond to changes in writing pressure, it combines the grace of a brush pen with the ease-of-use of a felt-tipped marker.

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