Artist Highlight – Cathy Johnson

An artist, writer, and naturalist, Cathy Johnson has “been working with watercolor since [she] was old enough to pick up a brush.” She discovered the wonder of making art from a talented mother and older sister, as well as a father who delighted her with vigorous pen and ink cartoons. Prior to going into full-time freelancing, Johnson worked at Hallmark Cards, at a Kansas City television station, and owned her own ad agency. She has been a contributing editor for various magazines and is the author and illustrator of 34 books. She has taught art online since 2006, and is passionate about sketching and journaling, contributing to the international Urban Sketchers blog almost from inception. She currently lives in a small town in Missouri with the love of her life and their cats, and enjoys journaling about her travels across the globe.

You can find more of Cathy’s work at and

Give us a little insight as to how you use our JetPens products in your illustrations.

I’ve tried out a LOT of JetPens products, but I love your fountain pens most for sketching…

My all time favorite is the dependable little workhorse, the Platinum Carbon desk pen, that I normally customize by cutting off the excess length so the cap will post. I love the fine lines made possible with this pen which is great for nature studies! Click here to see my tweak.

The Platinum Preppy and the Pilot Prera are among my favorite sketch tools as well. I always have all three of these in my field bag for sketching both in nature and in urban settings. I’m a correspondent of the international Urban Sketchers blog, so they get a real workout.

When I need a bolder, looser effect, I reach for a Pentel Pocketbrush.

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