Artist Highlight – Teli Adlam

Teli is a JetPens customer who has been posting some great artwork on our Facebook page. The JetPens team has really enjoyed her drawings, so decided to feature her on our JetPics page!

Background info:

I’m Teli, an accidental artist. I began drawing as a child to compete with my older sister (an “anything you can draw, I can draw better” type of thing) and eventually grew to love it. Art (along with music and writing) kept me sane. Watercolours make me smile and my style fluctuates from whimsical to downright disturbing. You can visit her art site

Give us a little insight as to how you use our JetPens products in your illustrations.

I have a few staples which come with me *everywhere*: my Ohto Promecha 0.3 mm drawing pencil, which I adore for sketching; my Uni-ball E-knock eraser, which lets me get into small nooks and crannies; and, of course, spare lead. For more involved projects I’ll pull out my arsenal which includes Pilot drawing pens for inking, colorful gel pens (for that touch of whimsy I mentioned earlier), and water brushes which are like carrying tiny cups of water in your pocket.

Thanks for being a part of the JetPens community Teli!