Sakura Microperm Ultra Fine Point 01 Pen .25mm

Sakura Microperm

Not too long ago I wrote about the Uniball Signo Bit .18mm pen which brought up the point of super micro tipped pens in general.  This quickly reminded me that I had this Sakura Microperm Ultra Fine 01 .25mm pen (via JetPens) and had yet to review it.

Sakura Microperm Tip and SD Card Notch

In order to give you some perspective on just how small the .25mm tip is on the Sakura Microperm marker I took the above picture of it with the SD card behind it.  If you compare the tip to that little grey locking notch on the card it actually dwarfs the tip of the pen.  If you have ever stumbled around trying to slide that little lock that should put things in perspective for you.

Sakura Microperm Uncapped

The important thing to know about pens like the Skaura Microperm and other micro tip pens is that in my opinion, they really aren’t great for super long writing sessions.  Personally I find them to created a little bit of a strain on the hand making it tired due to the need for you as a writer to use more precise control while using it.  Additionally you can see from looking at the grip on the pen that it is very harshly stepped between each of the areas where the plastic transitions to a new thickness.  The sharp edges can start to irritate your fingers.  You might ask what they are good for then because this makes them sound kind of bad.  In reality though they are great when it comes to detail work for sketching and for my particular purposes I love using them to mark up documents, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets.  I often find myself making comments in small corners of those types of items so its great being able to do so with such a precise tool like these.

Sakura Microperm Writing Sample Water Resistance

Beyond the impressively small .25mm tip on the Sakura Microperm marker, it also has some impressive credentials in terms of what it will permanently write on.  The list of surfaces that it can write permanently on are:

  • CDs (remember those?)
  • Glass
  • Film
  • Metal
  • Photos
  • Paper (well, of course)
  • Ceramic
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Wood

So thats kind of like almost everything that you would want to write on.  The ink will also hold up to most household cleaning products and water too with one caveat.  The caveat is that household cleaners with alcohol in them will potentially remove the ink from non-porous surfaces.  The close up of the writing sample above shows that water has no impact on the ink on regular paper.  Even rubbing the paper while wet had no impact until the actual paper started to wear away, but that has nothing to do with the ink itself.

Sakura Microperm .25mm Writing Experience:

Sakura Microperm Cap Posted

I’ve already touched upon the grip of the Sakura Microperm and how it can literally be a little rough around the edges, but not all that horrible if you are cautious about it.  Over time I’ve come to be pretty OCD about posting the caps on my pens while I write, even in cases where it doesn’t really impact the weight, balance, or feel of the pen in my hand.  Thankfully the cap on the Sakura Microperm posts nice and firmly, and because its small it really doesn’t shift the balance or feel of the pen while you write.  In terms of the way that the ink lays down and looks on the paper, I was pretty impressed considering the potential downfalls of such a small tipped pen.  For the most part the ink lays down nice smooth, consistent, dark lines with no skipping.  You will however see some slight skipping based on how lightly you press down, which goes back to my prior statements about this not being for long writing sessions due to the precise control you need to exert when writing if you want a consistent line.  My only real beef with the writing performance here was the show through to the other side of the page, which in my Black n’ Red notebook (via Amazon) was significant enough to deter me from using both sides of the page.

Sakura Microperm Body

Overall I’d say the Sakura Microperm .25mm permanent fine line marker is a high quality tool that performs as expected.  It would make a great tool to have in any pen case or bag for special purposes, so check it out from our friends over at JetPens.