Camlin Cute Review

Camlin is one of India’s oldest and most well-known fountain pen and ink manufacturers.  They also produce a wide range of other office and art supplies.  This review is of a model called the Camlin Cute.

The Cute is one of Camlin’s shortest pens in length and yet has a decent girth to it.  It measures a mere 4.4″ (11.2 cm) closed and 5.5″ (13.9cm) open with cap on the end.  The width measures 1/3″ (9mm) at the section.  The pen comes in maroon, navy blue, green, black and teal as shown.

The Cute has a petite nib that writes fine with an ebonite feed.  The nib is imprinted “Camlin Tipped Fine”.  The section is threaded very nicely so as to prevent any ink leakage, though I would still suggest the application of a little silicone grease to the threads.

It is eye dropper filled, which means the body is all one piece and does not disassemble.  If you are new to eye dropper pens and need some help filling one you can check out this article or watch this video.

The cap is one of most distinctive features and definitely deserves the name “cute”.  It is printed “Camlin Cute” on the ring.  The cap disassembles easily in case the clip gets bent out of shape.  Another interesting feature is that the end of the pen is treaded so that the cap screws onto the end instead of just sliding on.