A Comprehensive Guide To Uni Style Fit pen system

Get ready to meet your ultimate pen.

The Uni Style Fit pen system allows you to select exactly the right components for you and assemble them into a pen that holds multiple cartridges at once or a sleek, space-saving single-cartridge pen.  The refills come in sixteen dazzling colors and five tip sizes to suit every use from writing in book margins, to color-coding notes, to making bold, smooth signatures. Uni-ball has reworked their most popular gel, ballpoint, and mechanical pencil technologies into refill components for the Uni Style Fit.Mix and match your favorites with any of four multi pen bodies and two single pen bodies to design a pen or pen set that perfectly fits your life.

Uni Style Fit Body Styles

Uni Style Fit Body Styles
All of the pen bodies in the Uni Style Fit lineup feature a similar sleek, torpedo shape. Most are made of plastic and use push tabs to select the appropriate refill, although the Meister 3 Color has a metal body and twist mechanism.  Some people may find the smooth grip sections slippery, but they are easy to clean.The push tabs do not indicate the color of the refill they control. Instead, all of the pen bodies include a clear window that shows the refills. All of the body options except the single colors have clips, most of which double as a push tab. These can allow the pen to move more than most clips do.
The Standard pen body family includes 5 Color, 3 Color, and Single Color options. All of them are made from lightweight plastic with a clear grip section that clearly shows the refill colors. The push tabs and clips are white, with the exception of the black pen bodies, which have black accents.

5 Color

Uni Style Fit Standard 5 Color Pen Bodies

Uni Style Fit Standard 5 Color Pen Bodies
All of the push tabs can be pushed down repeatedly while selected to extend the mechanical pencil component.The Standard 5 Color can accommodate five different refills, with the clip acting as the fifth push tab. It is wider than a typical pen, but not bulky for a multi pen. It comes in seven bright colors and is good for people who enjoy having several color options in a stylish, yet reasonably priced, pen.

3 Color
Uni Style Fit Standard 3 Color Pen Bodies
Uni Style Fit Standard 3 Color Pen BodiesUni Style Fit Standard 3 Color Pen Bodies
The Standard 3 Color can take three different refills. Like the 5 Color, the clip acts as the third push tab and all of the tabs can extend the mechanical pencil. The 3 Color is only slightly larger than a typical pen, so it is a good choice for people who don’t care for thick grips and only need a few colors.
Uni Style Fit Standard Single Color Pen Bodies
Uni Style Fit Single pen body Pen BodiesUni Style Fit Standard Single Color Pen Bodies
Although the Uni Style Fit is most known for its customizable multi pens, it also includes single color options. The Single pen body can accommodate any of the Style Fit refills and is very slender – about the same thickness as a typical wooden pencil. The Single pen body is ideal for people who want high-quality pens or mechanical pencils that don’t take up a lot of space, especially if they enjoy color-coordinating their supplies. It comes in four colors.

The Meister pen body line features a more sophisticated look, with a refined finish, clear push tabs, and metal clips. It comes in 5 Color and 3 Color sizes. Both sizes have small viewing windows that reveal what colors are in the pen.

5 Color

Uni Style Fit Meister 5 Color Pen Bodies

Uni Style Fit Meister 5 Color Pen Bodies
The Meister 5 Color is plastic with a metallic finish and clear push tabs. It is about the same size as the Standard 5 Color but has a more tapered shape that reaches its maximum thickness at the grip. It is the only Style Fit to include an eraser, which is hidden on the end of the pen and refillable. The clip push tab can be used to extend the pencil lead, but the other tabs can’t. To extend the lead in any slot, simply push down on the top of the pen. The Meister 5 Color is best for people who prefer thicker pens, multiple color options, and a classier look. It fits in well in a work environment.