Bic 4 Color Metallic Multi-Pen

Bic 4 Color Metallic Pen Package

Bic 4 Color Metallic Pen Package

The other day I was browsing through the pen aisle at my local Staples and I ran across this updated version of the Bic 4 Color Pen that now has a metallic barrels.  There really isn’t much to technically review on the Bic 4 Color Metallic Multi pen because its purely a visual change that has no impact on how the pens write.  I just thought I’d share these quickly anyway since they tend to be a pretty popular pen, and the new shiny version deserves some attention in my opinion.

Bic 4 Color Metallic Bodies

Bic 4 Color Metallic Multi Pen Bodies (Background – silger and blue)

Here you can see the comparison of the old school Bic 4 color pen in the foreground with the two new metallic versions in the front of the photograph.  Besides the obvious visual of the barrel colors being silver or blue metallic finish, the newer metallic versions have the lanyard hole through the dialing nub on the top of the pen.  Yes, I said dialing nub, from back in the day when rotary phones existed for your dialing convenience.  If you want to check out our review and the writing performance of the original Bic 4 Color pen, head over here to take a peek.

I will note that initially the bodies of the new Bic 4 Color metallic multi pen caused some concern for me.  Upon only a visual inspection I was worried that they might be a bit slick and cause an issue with gripping the pen while writing, but that was not the case.   In terms of an ink comparison to the original version the newly updated Bic 4 color multi-pens the inks remain identical in terms of color and performance.   Additionally, these new versions also still have a bit of the annoying rattle when the tip hits your paper as you write

Besides grabbing some of these for yourself on you can also pick up just the blue version on Amazon.  Either way, you should just enjoy reliving your fabulous 80s childhood with this new pimped out version of the classic old school Bic 4 color multi pen.