Zebra Sarasa Dry – Ultimate Left Handed Pen

Zebra Sarasa Dry Body

The Zebra Sarasa Dry (purchase via JetPens) is a fairly new offering and targets the needs of left handed writers with its fast drying ink.  Today we look at the .4mm red version, which for full disclosure was purchased as part of our sponsorship with JetPens.

Zebra Sarasa Dry Clip

The Zebra Sarasa Dry doesn’t look much out of the ordinary.  It has a standard translucent body like many other pens and some run of the mill markings.  The clip, although springy and more heavy duty don’t stand out much either.

Zebra Sarasa Dry Grip

Run of the mill, and boring rubber grip like just about every other pen ever reviewed on this blog, although quite comfortable.  Its easy to hold onto and the balance of the Zebra Sarasa Dry is remarkably un-remarkable, it just feels comfortable.

Zebra Sarasa Dry Insides

Inside the Zebra Sarasa Dry there is something slightly unique about the pen if you look closely.  The ink refill has a much more pink tone as compared to the bold red ink that the pen lays down when you start writing with it.  Not sure if this has to do with the proprietary fast drying ink or not, but definitely noticeable in comparison to other red ink cartridges I’ve seen.

Zebra Sarasa Dry Writing Sample – Possibly the Ultimate Left Handed Pen:

Zebra Sarasa Dry Writing Sample

Once you get past the deceptively mundane visuals of the Zebra Sarasa Dry, you start to realize that this might be the ultimate pen for left handed writers.  As a right handed writer, I was impressed by the smooth, consistent, bold color lines that this pen lays down.  The real selling point is that I tried my hardest to smear this ink and was unable to do so.  If you get the ink wet, it will smear, but thats not the point here.  This may be one of the best pens ever to avoid smudging for left handed writers.

Zebra Sarasa Dry Writing Sample Close UP

I tried my hardest to smear this ink by running my finger across it as I finished writing the number one in that picture above and it still didn’t smear.  I made several failed attempts at rubbing the ink as it was just freshly out of the tip of the pen, and no luck there either.  If you are a left handed writer, and the Zebra Sarasa Dry isn’t in your writing arsenal yet, drop everything you are doing and grab one right here.  Grab one of the many body color options (red, black or blue ink only) and enjoy writing again!