Fader Vanishing Ink Highlighter

Fader Vanishing Ink Highlighter

Fader Vanishing Highlighter

So here is a product from Quirky that I’ve been following and influencing for a little while now.  It is a pretty cool highlighter that is being designed in a way that is beneficial to college students that want to sell their books back and earn more money.  Its called The Fader and is a highlighter that will have special ink that disappears after a fixed amount of time, like 6 or 12 months, pretty cool, right?  Now is your chance to influence exactly how and when that technology will work while also possibly earning some cash for your expert insight and opinion as an office supply geek.

As I’ve explained in previous posts, when you sign up for Quirky, you are not only able to provide input into every step of the product development process, but you can also earn money for doing so.  Simply voting for products like the Fader Vanishing Ink Highlighter to be produced, and contributing input on each step along the way will earn you a small percentage of every unit that ends up being sold.  Some of the things you can contribute to along the product development process are the design, features, colors, name, tag line, and suggested pricing.

Right now the Fader Vanishing Ink Highlighter is in the phase of evaluating some of the specific functionality that will drive its design.  The two big questions are when the ink will start its slow march to disappearing and how long it will take before it disappears completely. If you head over there now you can provide your input on those two factors and earn a piece of the future earnings for doing so. Go on and check it out for yourself on Quirky and sign up so you can make some cash while you are providing your expert opinions on the Fader Vanishing Ink Highlighter.