The Best Fountain Pen FriendlyNotebooks

The Best Fountain Pen Friendly Notebooks

So you’ve just ventured into the world of fountain pens. You’re anxiously awaiting that package from your retailer of choice. You’ve added a pen, a converter, and even a few bottles of ink to your order. Finally the day arrives, you ink up the pen, and can’t wait to get that nib on paper. But wait…did you remember to grab a notebook that’s going to get you the most out of your new favorite writing instrument?

The Best Fountain Pen Friendly Notebooks-16Unfortunately, most regular copy paper just isn’t up to the task when handling fountain pen ink. It can bleed, smear, and feather (when your nice, crisp lines look like they’re growing tiny hairs). The paper isn’t as smooth, it’s not as bright, and overall it’s just not that great to write on. That’s why I’ve put together my absolute favorite fountain pen-friendly notebooks. I’ve been using some of these for YEARS and my recommendations don’t come without rigorous testing. Read on to find out what the best paper for your brand new (or old! – I don’t discriminate here) fountain pen really is!


What is it? The Rhodia Ice series is packed with super bright white paper and very subtle grey ruling (unlike the standard Rhodia violet lines). This grey ruling lets the color of your ink shine through without distraction! [FULL REVIEW]
Notable Specs: Grey ruling, 80gsm paper (quite heavy), top staple-bound  –  [BUY] 


What is it? The Apica CD Notebook is slim with a flexible cover. Inside you’ll find bright white paper that holds up to fountain pen ink with ease. They have a great design with a textured cover and awesome filigree design. [FULL REVIEW]
Notable Specs: Place for page number and date on each page, 81gsm paper (quite heavy), side staple-bound  –  [BUY] 


What is it? These Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks were my go-to all throughout college. They’re the perfect size for a small desk, they have an understated professional look, and the paper can hold up to writing on both sides of the page. [FULL REVIEW]
Notable Specs: Divided pages, subtle ruling, title block, 80gsm off-white paper  –  [BUY] 


What is it? Not only is the one of the most thought out notebook designs, but it’s also full of the best paper. The attention to detail is absolutely incredible in everything from the textured cover, ribbon page marker, and subtle ruling. The Tomoe River paper inside is impossibly thin, smooth, and most important – fountain pen friendly. [FULL REVIEW]
Notable Specs: High quality materials, excellent Tomoe River Paper  –  [BUY] 


What is it? Rhodia’s Webnotebooks are the answer to the Moleskine lover who’s looking for something a bit more friendly with fountain pens. This hard covered notebook has a pocket in the back and is full of premium off-white paper. [FULL REVIEW]
Notable Specs: Leatherette cover, 90gsm lined paper, pocket in the back cover  –  [BUY] 


What is it? The Doane Flap Jotter isn’t the smoothest paper out there, but it’s recycled and fountain pen friendly . I’ve gone through 3 of them in the past year! [FULL REVIEW]
Notable Specs: Wire-o-binding that lays flat, unique ruling, discrete design  –  [BUY] 


What is it? If you thought Rhodia’s paper was heavy, you’re going to be surprised by Clairefontaine. These notebooks are packed of bright white 90gsm paper with light purple ruling. [FULL REVIEW]
Notable Specs: Vintage design, super heavy & smooth paper  –  [BUY] 

The Best Fountain Pen Friendly Notebooks-15

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite fountain pen friendly notebook? Let us know in the comments below!

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