1911 Nettuno Tridente Review

The Nettuno Tridente Fountain Pen is a STOUT pen, this is one beastly giant of a pen that is just as handsome as it is LARGE.

1911 Nettuno in Gift Box Nettuno Ink

  • Beautiful Resin Finish
  • Solid 14K Gold Nib
  • Oversize Pen Clip Fits Well With Overall Size of Pen

  • Cap Is Too Heavy To Post Comfortably For Long Writing Sessions

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1911 Nettuno

1911 Nettuno Tridente Fountain Pen Design Review

This is a bold, strong, stout pen. This fountain pen is named after Neptune, the Roman God of the seas who was thought to carry a trident. The pen clip is shaped into a trident at the top with three tines reminiscent of the trident Neptune carried.

The fine details of this fountain pen are reflected in the derby cap on the 1911 Nettuno Tridente fountain pen, which is engraved with a large N and the cap band is engraved with Nettuno on one side and Italy on the other in large capital lettering. The cap itself is bulbous, similar to the Aurora Ipsilon fountain pen in design, but the Ipsilon is much smaller overall.

The resin body of the pen is also stamped with, “1911 Nettuno Made In Italy” on the barrel. My husband just hated that stamp, more on that later, but it’s such an insignificant part of the pen that really got to him design-wise.


144mm Capped

126mm Uncapped

12mm Widest Point on Body

16mm Widest Point on Cap

10mm At Grip Point


1911 Nettuno Nib Close UP

1911 Nettuno Fountain Pen Nib Review

The nib on the 1911 Nettuno Tridente is quite large, it is longer and wider than most fountain pens, yet it’s built to scale on this pen because the pen itself is so large.  The nib is made of 14K solid gold and I tested the fine one, it writes like a dream. It’s not as smooth as a Sailor, but it has its own unique smoothness with enough feedback to make all but the most staunch purists proud.

The nib itself is 6mm wide and 20mm long, the photo doesn’t give you perspective on its size, but get a ruler out and you can see 20mm long is probably much longer than most pens in your collection.

1911 Nettuno in Gift Box With Ink

In its Gift Box, This is a Sumptuous, Stout Pen, It would be a GREAT gift

aurora and sailor fountain pens

From Left to Right: Aurora Ipsilon, 1911 Nettuno, Aurora Optima, Sailor 1911L, Sailor 1911S

1911 Nettuno Tridente Fountain Pen Performance Review

The 1911 Nettuno Tridente writes extremely well. I never experienced any skipping, hard starting, or ink flow issues.  This pen is consistent and smooth.

The hardest part to evaluate was its writing performance. This is only because I prefer to post the cap on the back to write and it’s absolutely not designed for that. It is cap-heavy, with almost half of the pen’s overall weight residing in the cap.

I tried posting at first as usual to write and experienced hand fatigue within a few sentences because the weight of the cap rode on the end of my hand wanting to drop down backwards and out of my hand.

The fine nib is more like a medium to me, you can see a writing sample below. It isn’t a flexible nib, but the 14K gold gives it enough movement that you get some character in your writing.1911 Nettuno Writing Sample

This fountain pen writes well on journal paper, notebook paper and I even test drove it on heavily-fibered paper handmade in Nepal. Like most fountain pens, it struggled to lay down enough ink on the extremely fibrous paper but did a valiant job on standard notebook paper and journal paper.

This is a mid-wet writer. It lays down enough ink to produce a beautiful line, but not so much that it glistens for seconds as it absorbs into the paper. There was no bleed-through to the back of the page, even though it has some definite character and deeper color on horizontal strokes.

I was so impressed with the feel of this pen when writing I loaned it to my husband to test drive it. All he could say was, “wow.”  He doesn’t like the feel of Sailor nibs, he thinks they’re too smooth and prefers a touch of feedback in the nib.

I, however, LOVE Sailor nibs and the 1911 Nettuno Tridente writes almost as smoothly but has just a touch of grab when writing so it doesn’t glide across the page. He was so impressed, that is until he saw the stamp in the barrel. He REALLY dislikes the branding stamped into the resin barrel. I find this funny because you can barely see the stamp, it’s not obnoxious at all.

Both of us had to resort to using it without the cap because the cap was FAR too heavy even for largish man hands. My husband has mid-large hands and prefers a stout pen, this pen fits his hand well.

Fountain Pen Weight

1911 Nettuno total weight 1911 Nettuno Cap Weight

At 1.35 ounces, it is on the heavier side of the spectrum of fountain pens, as you’d come to expect from such a beefy design.

The challenge, or opportunity, depending on your perspective, is that half of the weight is in the cap. If you write capless, this won’t bother you at all. If you prefer to write posted, this will irritate you because you’ll continually try a few times to keep it on the back and get frustrated that your hand fatigues quickly.

I balanced the cap itself on my finger to find the midpoint of the weight and it’s in the center toward the end of the cap. This means the bulk of the weight is above the end of the pen, making it more challenging to feel balanced when writing for long periods posted.

Capless, this fountain pen SHINES. It is handsome, comes in a fun gift box with its own ink and would be great for someone with larger hands that likes a heavier pen.

Here’s a shot of it showing the converter:

1911 Nettuno Converter

Overall Value, Who Is The Nettuno Tridente Best For?

The 1911 Nettuno Tridente would be an excellent gift pen, for someone you want to impress. It’s not a cheap gift, and the gift box is luxurious with its own ink with a wax seal on the top of threads around the base of the cap.

This fountain pen would be best for someone that writes without the cap and loves stout fountain pens with large nibs. It’s such a handsome finish and comes in blue and black as well, the iridescent finish is easy to get lost in on a sunny day. Everything you need to get started is in the gift box, converter, fountain pen, ink and instructions.

Price: Get a price on the Nettuno Tridente Fountain Pen at Amazon.


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