Aurora Style Resin Fountain Pen Review

The Aurora Style Resin fountain pen is a thin-bodied pen that comes in many fun colors and at under $100, is a great value. The one I’m reviewing is matte black resin with golden trim and a fine nib. Aurora’s fine nib could easily be compared to an extra-fine in other brands, keep that in mind when choosing the right nib for you.

Aurora Style Fountain Pen

  • Entry-Level Pricing
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable Writer
  • Pull-Off Cap
  • Fantastic Flexible Clip
  • Fun Colors Available

  • Unappealing decal in cap
  • Feels too short if you don’t post the cap on the back

Aurora Style Resin Fountain Pen Design

Aurora Style Fountain PenThe Aurora Style Resin in Matte Black is an understated and appealing fountain pen. The shape is rounded on one end, moving through a thicker cap that is oblique-cut with a long pen clip descending from just below a golden decal.

The first thing you’ll notice is it’s pleasant width overall. It’s on the thinner side of fountain pens, but not pencil width. In fact, it’s width is comparable to many gel pens on the market today.

What’s odd about this fountain pen is the golden decal inserted into the oblique cap. It appears to be reminiscent of the shape of Aurora’s logo, but isn’t stamped with ther logo or anything else.
So there’s an oddly shaped oval in the end of the cap that doesn’t say anything and it’s just a thin piece of golden metal.

Aurora Style Fountain PenThey could’ve made better use of that space, even if just to stamp an “A” inside of it.

The pen clip appears in a form-follows-function design, slim and long no real design awards there. What’s great about the clip is how flexible it is against the cap. This pen can travel in and out of pockets effortlessly.

Under the pen clip is a golden cap ring stamped with Aurora on one side and Italy on the other. It’s a medium size cap ring, not too wide or too narrow, it’s a good size for this pen.

It comes in fun colors like Paprika, Mustard, Rose Gold, Chrome and Black.

Aurora Style Resin Fountain Pen Performance

Aurora Style Fountain Pen

 The Aurora Style Resin in a steel fine nib is a dry writer.A benefit of this being a dry writer is that you can use it on your thin calendar planner pages without it bleeding through. I haven’t been able to use ANY other fountain pens on my day planner because of bleed-through.

It’s not at all scratchy, but it lays down a conservative amount of ink and a very thin line, comparable to an extra-fine nib.

The feel of the writing of this pen is similar to the Aurora Ipsilon.

The nib is a bit stiff (to be expected of all steel nibs) but they’ve engineered it to deliver ink well and reliably so it’s not scratchy.

At this price-point you just can’t compare the Style with, say, an Optima in feel.

The feed and nib assembly on this fountain pen meters out ink much more consistently than the Sheaffer VFM, but this pen is also almost three times the price, so you get what you pay for.

When evaluating performance, I’m looking for a few things:

  • Does it deliver ink consistently without skipping and hard starting? Skips when scribbling quickly.
  • Does it feel scratchy, like it wants to grab and rip the paper? No.
  • Is it a wet or dry writer, meaning does it deliver a wet line of ink or a more dry one? Dry writer.
  • Does it bleed through to the back when writing on standard notebook paper? No.
  • Does the cap post well on the back? Yes! (Score! This is sometimes elusive.)
  • Does it wear out my hand after long writing sessions? No.

It’s almost a rarity (unfortunately) to find a fountain pen that posts well. What I mean by “post” is to post the cap on the back of the pen while writing.This Aurora Style Resin fountain pen does the job well. It seats well, doesn’t chatter or clang around up there and elongates the pen to a comfortable length in which to write. I appreciate Aurora’s design here.

A Few Words About Cap Fit

Another note on cap fit, the pull-off cap not only saves time, but it snaps off and on with a satisfying audible click.

That means it’s going to stay put when you cap it and the plastic inner liner will catch any small ink leaks from banging it around in your pocket or purse.

Maintenance and Specs on the Aurora Style Resin

SPECS:Aurora Style Fountain Pen Writing Sample

  • 135mm Capped
  • 146mm Posted
  • 117mm Uncapped
  • 8mm Mid-Grip
  • 11mm Cap Band
  • Nib: Steel
  • 7mm Wide Nib
  • 18mm Long Nib

The Aurora Style Resin fountain pen uses Aurora long cartridges or you can purchase an Aurora converter and fill from an ink bottle.

Aurora cartridges are generously sized, and this particular pen is a dry writer, so you’ll be able to stretch your ink consumption and budget.

This fountain pen is easy to handle. The small nib and feed make it easy to clean between inks, and the fact that it takes cartridges or a converter means it’s hassle-free.

Do you want to use fun ink colors that aren’t available in cartridges? Some people like matching the ink to the fun finish colors on the Aurora Style Resin body.

If you do, you’ll want to buy a set of cartridges, a bottle of ink in your favorite color and you want and some blunt tip fill needles on Amazon. You can read about how to do it in my article on syringe filling a fountain pen.

Overall Value of the Aurora Style Resin

This is a good value for someone looking for a resin fountain pen but aren’t ready to drop $100+ on a fountain pen just yet. It will give you some of the benefits of higher priced fountain pens (reliable, consistent ink delivery, understated design and it’s made to post the cap on the back) at around $70. This is a great choice for a second fountain pen, before you’re ready to graduate to (and pay for) solid gold nibs.

Check the price on the Aurora Style on Amazon.


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