Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen Review

The Kaweco Classic Sport, a light and portable pocket pen designed to use absolutely everywhere!

  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Compact
  • Reliable

  • Not comfortable without cap on back (posted)

Fountain Pen Design


Steel Nib
Nib Width: 6mm
Nib Length: 16mm
Cartridge Fill

Screw Cap
Capped: 104mm
Posted: 127mm
Uncapped: 97mm

Mid-Grip Width: 6mm
Cap Band Width: 11mm
Total Weight: 10g
Cap Weight: 4g

The Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen is made of plastic in an interesting 8-sided, pocked-sized design. Because it’s made of plastic, it’s extremely easy to carry with you anywhere.

At only 104mm capped, it’s unusually short for a fountain pen. I love that it squeezes into my jeans’ pocket or easily fits into the pen pouch in my purse.

It is a little on the fat side for the pen pocket so if you have a slender pen holder in a leather organizer, this isn’t going to fit without purchasing the add-on gold clip for the Sport Series. If you go that route, I recommend getting the gold-color one because the trim on the Kaweco Classic Sport is all gold.

Now, while the plastic fit and finish isn’t as glamorous feeling as its cousin, the AC Sport or the AL Sport in aluminum, it is such a cheap fountain pen at under $25 you can’t help but appreciate its value.

I’m not generally a fan of gold-finish or gold trim on fountain pens with the exception of heirloom pens and antiques. The gold and black on this pen don’t bother me as much as I thought it would because the gold is restricted to the Kaweco logo on the cap, the gold-toned plating on the nib and the Kaweco Sport brand engraving on the side of the cap.

The nib is made of gold-plated steel and engraved with Kaweco’s logo and some spiral flourishes with an iridium tip. It fits short international ink cartridges. What’s interesting about the nib on the Kaweco Classic Sport, is it’s interchangeable. The nib unscrews from the section so you can swap it out with any other Kaweco Sport series pen, although as mentioned this one comes gold colored so mixing and matching may result in a Frankenpen look. :)

I found the Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen in black, clear, green, blue and burgundy and the full gamut of nib sizes: EF, F, M, B, BB.

Kaweco Top to Bottom: Special, Classic, Ice, AL Sport, Dia2

This is a cartridge fill pen and came with one Kaweco cartridge in the body. You can also buy the Sport series squeeze converter for this pen, which is the same size as a cartridge but has a metal handle that spans the length of the converter so you can squeeze it to create a vacuum to fill it. This is an inefficient option as it doesn’t hold as much ink in the bulb converter due to the inefficiency of the filling mechanism. I’d just syringe fill cartridges if you want to use your own inks.

Fountain Pen Performance

The Kaweco Classic Sport medium nib is not too wet, and not dry. When I first started using it, it skipped and hard started a bit, but after a page of writing it became smooth and the ink flows well.

Having a steel nib means it’s inherently stiffer than a gold nib would be, but what do you expect from a cheap fountain pen? Even though it’s cheap, it’s smooth and writes reliably (after that first page of hard starting I encountered.)

This fountain pen is great for all kinds of paper except glossy, or coated papers. It writes well on notebook paper, heavy paper, anything you put under it really.

Like others in the Sport series, this nib performed well even after some time sitting on the table uncapped. I set it down to read then forgot about it for fifteen minutes to a half hour at a time and it would start back up without issue. Some other nibs would dry out a bit and have a tougher time. Kawecos seem to jump at the chance to write after a little real-world neglect. :)

All-in-all, this is an everyday carry pen. This is one fountain pen that won’t mind the abuse of your jeans pocket or using it in any situation.

Okay, But How Does the Kaweco Classic Sport Feel?

Because it’s so short, I didn’t write without the cap posted on the back. The body of the pen is too short otherwise. It just needs that cap to fit well or the end of the body will hit the web between your thumb and forefinger.

It’s plastic construction makes the Kaweco Classic Sport lightweight and balanced. There’s no issue with it feeling top heavy or otherwise wearing out your hand.

I tend to enjoy heavier pens with some heft to them but the Kaweco Classic Sport was a welcome break from hefty pens and easier on my shoulder when carrying a purse all day.

I also toted it around in my jeans pocket on weekends and forgot it was there. At about the size of two Chapstick containers end-to-end in your pocket, it’s easy to forget about so be careful on laundry day or you might just end up with that Kaweco ink all over your clothes if you don’t check your pockets.

The Cap

This is a screw-off cap and it takes just 1.5 rotations to remove it. The cap is insanely LONG by design and posts very well because of it.

When the cap is on, it’s there for life.

It doesn’t screw on to post, but its length means it seats incredibly well on the body without chattering or moving around.

The thicker cap also means it fits in the web of your thumb and forefinger well.
Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

This is a fantastic introductory fountain pen for someone that doesn’t want to worry about losing it or beating it up. It’s cheap enough that you won’t feel buyer’s remorse if you drop it (while capped!), bang it around in your bag or use it in the garage.

Because of it’s lightweight, compact size and low price, it would be a great first fountain pen for children as well. It comes in many fun colors and several nib sizes, but the black would blend into any environment. It’s eye catching design will be a bit of a conversation starter for you as well.

Prefer to carry it in a shirt pocket instead? Then you’ll need the clip for the Sport Series. Like this pen but want it in a bright color? Try the Kaweco ICE Sport, same pen, brighter colors.

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