Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen Review

Wondering how the Kaweco Ice Sport fountain pen stacks up? Well look no further, this review will tell you everything you need to know about this demonstrator model

  • Wide Range of Colors
  • Compact Size
  • Light Weight
  • Designed for pocket carry

  • Only Comfortable Posted

Kaweco Ice Sport Design

Steel Nib

Nib Width: 6mm

Nib Length: 16mm

Cartridge Fill

Screw Cap

Capped: 104mm

Posted: 127mm

Uncapped: 97mm

Mid-Grip Width: 6mm

Cap Band Width: 11mm

Total Weight: g

Cap Weight: g

The Kaweco Ice Sport fountain pen is cheap and comes in a wide variety of fun colors. What you first notice when you look at the pen is its unusual shape and bright color.

I’m reviewing the pink model, which is so much fun. I never thought I’d like pink but using it has just been a blast.

When capped, it’s only 104mm which is unusually short for a fountain pen. This is a pen intended to be a daily carry, and at under twenty-five bucks, you don’t feel bad for letting it beat around your pants pocket or at the bottom of your bag.

This is my first demonstrator model, meaning the first one that is clear so you can see the inner workings of the cartridge plugged into the section.

When you first pick it up, you notice how light it is and at first this was a giant turnoff for me. But after using it a while, I’m enjoying the featherweight pen.

The nib is made of steel and engraved with Kaweco’s logo and some spiral flourishes, same as all of the other Kawecos I’ve used. The nib on the Kaweco Ice Sport is interchangeable with other nibs from their Sport series so you can try multiple nib widths and find your joy. I’m reviewing the medium.

The grip section is also plastic, and matches the color you select, in this case it’s pink. The body of the pen is absolutely clear so you can see the cartridge inside.

It’s available in blue, orange, red, green, yellow or the pink. I’m reviewing the medium nib, but it’s also available in EF, F, M and B. This came with one Kaweco cartridge in the body.

Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen Performance

The medium nib is a medium writer. What surprised me is the line variation I was able to get just from lightly or heavily writing on the paper. Now, it’s a steel nib and it’s not engineered to flex so it doesn’t, but you do get slight line variation from the pressure you apply.

What’s great about the Kaweco Ice Sport is the nib. Like other nibs by Kaweco, it’s smooth and reliable and doesn’t skip. You get your bang for your buck in this pen.

Using the medium nib and Kaweco ink cartridges, I didn’t get any ghosting or bleed-through onto the backside of the page.

My new favorite paper is Clairefontaine 90g, and it writes so smooth, like a hot knife through butter. No grain in the paper, no skipping, just heaven.

This pen writes well on anything and is perfect for a pocket. The only thing it didn’t like writing on was a glossy receipt I tried to sign at a restaurant. But that’s normal for a fountain pen.

The only peculiar thing about this pen is as I used it, it would sometimes feel like it was chattering, and what was happening was, twice, the section joint between the body and section would rotate loose so I’d give it a quick turn to tighten it up and all was well again.

Okay, But How Does It Feel?

This is a short pen by design so it was only comfortable for me to write posted. I did write without the cap on the back and all I felt was the pressure of the end of the pen hitting the web between my thumb and forefinger. Plus, it’s so lightweight, I wanted to add the cap so it would have a more normal feeling.

Even though it’s light, it’s balanced and a dream to write with. I tend to prefer heaver pens for the feel, but the Kaweco Ice Sport helped me appreciate lighter pens and how easy they are to forget about as you write. Kind of like writing with a Bic Crystal in terms of weight.

The Cap

Just like all pens from the Sport series, this is a screw-off cap and it takes just 1.5 rotations to remove it. The cap is insanely LONG by design and posts very well.

Who is the Kaweco Ice Sport Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

Are you looking for a cheap fountain pen in a bold color that can take a beating in your bag or pocket?  Maybe you want to give a first fountain pen to a child in their favorite color? Do you want to see the cartridge through the body of the pen but not have a completely colorless pen?

Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve found your next pen. The Kaweco Ice Sport is insanely cheap and so fun to use. I appreciate that a reliable and smooth nib comes at such a cheap price-point.

Get a Kaweco Ice Sport fountain pen from Amazon in blue, orange, red, green, yellow or the pink pictured here.


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